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Nvidia Turing is supposed to be called "GTX 11 Series" – not GTX 20

Contrary to earlier rumors and reports, Nvidia can give a taste of the next line of gaming graphics cards at its GPU Technology Conference (GTC). TweakTown, citing an anonymous source, reports that the company will officially designate its next graphics card set as the GTX 11 Series.

It is expected that this naming convention will be largely based on the ongoing Nvidia Turing hardware architecture, a step to the left of what the technology world has anticipated the company.

Reports and rumors leading up to this had called the next generation of Nvidia graphics cards GTX-20 series.

Room left for further specialization

In addition, TweakTowns source reported to have reported from the new product say that "it [the new cards] is not necessarily in & # 39; 70 & # 39; 80 & # 39 ; will end, as we are used to. "

This could mean that Nvidia assigns different numbers to its product name than what it does at 50 (eg Nvidia GeForce GTX 1

050) to over 80. TweakTown speculates that Nvidia will label its products in increments of five could (eg GTX 1185).

However, this is our own speculation not to constrict within our own naming convention and leave room for products closer in number to target specific niche use cases – or the scope of the GTX name to expand.

For example, the successor of the Nvidia MX150 could be the Nvidia GeForc With the GTX 1140 and Nvidia Nvidia can also introduce the GTX name for products with lower specification.

This report is likely to inspire only the hype about the next Nvidia graphics card and the beginning GTC 2018 on March 27.

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