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Nvidia's new gaming GPU cards could be the GTX 11 Series, not the 20 Series

Nvidia's next family of graphics adapters for gaming may not be the GeForce GTX 20 series. An unnamed source claims that Nvidia will instead use the GTX 11 Series brand, staying fairly true to the numerical order used for years. Branding makes sense, but if the source is correct, Nvidia does not plan to label the new cards for pointers, like the current 1080 or 1070 models. Instead, Nvidia is allowed to drive the GTX 1181 or the GTX 1185.

Nvidia introduced the 2009 GeForce 100 series, the successor of the 2008 launched GeForce 9 series. Since the launch of the 1

00 series up to the 900 series, the company's naming system has grown by hundreds. Nvidia then jumped to the 10 Series in 2017 because it's easier to read (and type) than the "GeForce GTX 1000 Series", even though the cards are four-digit.

As early as 2018, Nvidia's naming scheme could go both ways and work well on the whole: GTX 11 Series or GTX 20 Series. However, Nvidia's branding history shows that the company typically relies on product names that end in zeros and fives. The new, unannounced cards are likely to end with a five as a logical difference to the current models of the GTX 10 Series.

When the next family will appear is unknown, but all bets will be placed on the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) as of Tuesday, March 27, in San Jose, California. The company could reveal the GTX 11 series (or GTX 20 series) during the keynote, which is supposedly based on a new architecture called "Turing". Rumors point to a possible July release, along with cards dedicated to cryptocurrency mining.

During the keynote, Nvidia also introduced new graphics cards for businesses and data centers based on a new architecture called "Ampere". This design is intended to replace the current "Volta" architecture of the Telsa V100 and Titan V add-on cards. The latter model could be used for games, though Nvidia stresses that games are not the main market.

Whether the playing cards are displayed during the keynote or not depends on the source. GTC 2018 is the ideal launch platform, although it is more suitable for Nvidia's enterprise targeting products, while the E3 2018 in June is a better launchpad for their gaming cards. With a possible availability in July, the E3 2018 show seems to be more like the big unveiling of the GTX 11 series.

Then again the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070. Nvidia has presented these two cards in early May 2016 at a special event, followed by a sales start at the end of the month. Since then, the company has released a wide range of GTX 10 cards, with the GTX 1080 Ti being the latest and final product in the GTX 10 series.

Nvidia's keynote begins at 9:00 am CET on March 27, so we'll hear more about the company's rumor-inducing plans during the broadcast.

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