Bowles will not call Week 1 Starters a jets prep for the preseason finale

FLORHAM PARK – There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered before the deadline on Saturday to reduce the New York Jets roster to 53 players. One decision that may not be announced until after this time is who will be the starting quarterback at Week 1 in Detroit. Head coach Todd Bowles said on Sunday that a decision between rookie Sam Darnold, free agent Teddy Bridgewater and veteran Josh McCown is not coming yet. Bowles said the election will not be made until next week. Bowles will get thought from his coaches until the final decisions are made. This week will be full of decisions for the jets when the preseason is over and schedules decline.

"I do not think it will happen in a week," Bowles said about the decision-making process for him and his coaches. "It happens in the course of spring and summer, I think they have a sense of where I am from the point of view of training."

The leader in many indications was Darnold, the third electoral victory in April. Darnold has made first team reruns in preseason games and has shown progress during the training camp and preseason. Darnold went 8:16 for 86 yards and a touchdown on Friday against the Giants.

"I'm not really going about my day any different from myself," said Darnold on Sunday. "I'm still training and taking every opportunity to play football."

Bridgewater has impressed since joining the Jets, as the former first-round winner contends for the first time since the season finishes for a startup job injury two years ago. Bridgewater completed 11 of his 15 pass attempts for 104 yards against the Giants.

"It's important to me to go out and take every opportunity I can get," said Bridgewater. "I'm just trying to get a little better every day."

Veteran McCown has not had much playing time in the preseason, but is more experienced on offense than Darnold or Bridgewater. McCown started 13 games for the Jets a season ago.

"I'll be ready to go, no matter what," McCown said at the idea of ​​playing in Philadelphia's final preseason game. "We'll see what happens, whatever the circumstances are, whatever a coach expects from me, we will do."

The Jets roster must be reduced to 53 players by 4pm by Saturday. According to Bowles, "five or six" points on this list are still undecided. There is also competition outside the quarterback, including wide receiver and tight end. These decisions are made during the training and run until Thursday in Philadelphia, the last action in the game before the regular season roster has to shrink.

"This game gives you the chance to watch the second and third unit play long time," said Bowles. "They can play for a long time and we have a good chance of looking at them and I think it's important for a lot of guys this week."

West, Wolford give Jets Depth

The last two signings for the Jets were both on the practice field on Sunday. Running back Charcandrick West, who signed with New York Saturday, participated in team exercises. West was released from Kansas City on Wednesday. West hopes to join a backcourt that already includes Isaiah Crowell, Bilal Powell and Thomas Rawls. West could fill a gap left by Elijah McGuire, who suffered a broken foot last month. McGuire was able to put the team on short injured reserve, which would make him inactive for the first eight weeks of the regular season.

On Sunday, the jets signed quarterback John Wolford before training. Wolford, a rookie from Wake Forest, joined the Jets Rookie Mini Camp in May. Wolford is the fourth quarterback on the jets roster and is a candidate for the practice group. Bowles would not guarantee that Wolford sees action on Thursday in Philadelphia. To make room on the roster, the jets released the wide receiver / stepping back Lucky Whitehead.