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NYC closes the 10th Jewish school for violating the Vaccine Regulation

  Shield warns people of measles in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Shield warns people of measles in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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New York City closes an orthodox school in Brooklyn because they are closed until today is record unvaccinated students in violation of a city ordinance.

The Central UTA Satmar School for Boys, a Hasidic school in the Williamsburg district, is closed on Tuesday afternoon for violating the provisions on vaccines and vaccination records, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency has learned. It is the 1

0th Orthodox school in New York City to be closed this year because of this issue, a city official familiar with the matter said.

Williamsburg, which has a large Orthodox population, has experienced a measles outbreak since that infected 588 people in New York City last year. Almost three quarters of these cases occurred in Williamsburg. According to the city, the outbreak is largely concentrated on the Orthodox community.

In April, the city declared the outbreak a public health emergency and demanded vaccination of people in four Williamsburg postcodes. The city also announced the closure of schools in Williamsburg to allow unvaccinated students to visit. Nine of the ten previously closed schools are located in Williamsburg. The tenth is located in the Queens district.

In addition, last week the city summoned 173 people for failing to comply with the Public Health Emergency Ordinance, of which 68 eventually received vaccines or provided evidence of vaccination

Orthodox authorities have urged their communities to vaccinate and community advocates claim that Orthodox immunization coverage in Brooklyn is high In 2018, only 67 percent of Williamsburg children aged 19 to 35 received the first dose of measles vaccine, as opposed to a nationwide average of 88 percent. Newer data were not available.

According to the State Department of Education, immunization rates at more than 20 Orthodox schools in Brooklyn last year were below 90 percent. Experts recommend a vaccination coverage of at least 95 percent.

Rockland County, New York, home of the heavily Orthodox city of Monsey, also had a significant number of measles cases. According to government data, only about 77 percent of the county are vaccinated.

In the case of the Satmar School, the school officials did not meet the deadlines to provide the city with records of student vaccinations. Investigations revealed that the school was taking on unvaccinated students and lecturers.

The school has not responded to a JTA request for comments. One parent of the school said JTA that the problem is with influential families in the community who do not vaccinate their children and continue to send them to school, even though the school has asked them not to attend. In general, the parents said, the school promotes vaccination.

"The school advocates this and warns everyone to vaccinate, but then there are people in power who do not, and then there is the problem." The parent said. "They have people in power, like someone who spends a lot of money on the yeshivah, or he's a big rabbi, and his son does not vaccinate … They can send her home for a day, two days, but Weisst you, then he comes back … you can not dismiss him for all.

The school is not informed in advance that it will be closed so that the school administrators do not fake documents prematurely.

] In order to reopen the school, the school needed to draw up a corrective action plan to ensure that unvaccinated students would no longer be admitted. The faculty must know how to act when a non-vaccinated student is present. Before the school reopens, the city must approve the school's plan.

City officials will check daily if the school is closed in the meantime.

The city announced on Tuesday afternoon that in the two months following In Williamsburg, more than 3,800 measles vaccines were administered to children – nearly twice as many as in the same period last year.

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