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NYPD hunting couples who lost their ring during a romantic proposal

  A man trying to get a ring off a lattice

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New York police chase a couple engaged in Times Square on Friday but ring the ring lost through a grid. 19659005] CCTV images show that the romantic proposal went wrong and the couple unsuccessfully tried to reclaim the gem.

After film footage was found by the film engines, they were able to rescue the ring, tidy it up, and find its owners.

You made a plea for the man and the woman to get in touch.

The recordings were made on Friday evening shortly before midnight and released shortly afterwards by the police.

It does not show the moment when the man asks the question, but we see him fall to one knee to find the ring.

His fiancee (though we do not know if she actually said yes) puts her hands on her face as she realizes what happened.

She huddles beside him and tries to help, but they are unsuccessful.

The man then lies down on the ground next to the grate and tries to reach the piece of jewelry, but they can not find it again. 1

9659005] The good news is that NYP police officers clearly have a romantic side and, more importantly, have access to the rust so they can come out easily.

Same as the couple's photographs they released A picture of the tidy ring on his Twitter account with the caption: "Here's a photo of the ring our officers have recovered (and cleaned!). Call 1 -800-577-TIPS or DM @NYPDTips, if you know the lucky couple we can give it back to them! "

Unfortunately, the staff of the NYPD Deputy Representative's Office say no one has yet arrived, but they hope reunite the couple with the ring and find out if they actually said yes.

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