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NYPD police officers shot dead in confrontation with suspects in Brooklyn

Two police officers were shot and a third stabbed to death in Brooklyn late Wednesday night in a confrontation with a suspect, police and sources said.

The melee unfolded when a suspect approached a policeman on Church Avenue near Flatbush Avenue at around 11:45 p.m. and stabbed him in the neck, a police source said.

Several police officers reacted to the scene and one drew his gun, sources said.

The officer and the suspect then fought for the weapon, which hit one officer in the hand and another in the arm.

A sergeant reacted to the scene and shot the suspect who was beaten.

Police officers were brought to Kings County Hospital with no life-threatening injuries, the authorities said.

The suspect was detained at the scene. It was performed in critical condition.

Flatbush resident Jean Jones said he was driving down East 21

st near Church Avenue when he watched the shootout.

Jones said he had seen at least two officers jumped out of their cars and started shooting.

“I saw her shoot and then two of these officers hid behind their vehicle as if to avoid being shot,” Jones told the Post.

“I just heard gunfire, at least 16 when I was conservative,” he said.

“That’s a lot. I was just thinking about police officers. It’s unfortunate that things are escalating,” he said.

The shootout takes place amid city-wide protests against police brutality after George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis.

The demonstrators marched in Brooklyn on Wednesday evening, but not near the place where the officers were shot.

Additional reporting from Vin Barone

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