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O & Rourke is ready to "press the button" in presidential campaigns, says Quelle

Knowing that the Democrats' 2020 incident is rapidly taking shape, O Rourke will announce his candidacy this week instead of setting up a committee of inquiry.

He will also travel to East Iowa in Burlington from Thursday with a meet-and-greet event, Democratic sources in the state said.

The three-day itinerary for its first visit to the state with early voting is said to "give voters space to meet with voters," said another Iowa Democratic official speaking to O Rourke's advisers. The trip ends on Saturday with a "push-out-the-vote" for a Senate candidate in Waterloo, followed by an event in Dubuque. A Friday visit to Des Moines was initially considered, but is currently not in progress, as O & Rourke wants to dedicate every three days to the electorate in eastern Iowa.

O & Rourke is in his hometown of El Paso, Texas, this week before his Iowa trip. On Monday, in a short video taken in front of his home, he wore a cap from the University of Northern Iowa as he urged the students of the school to vote in the Democratic candidate for the special Senate elections.

A photographer was seen when he O & # 39; Rourke's late Tuesday morning home and a close-knit team of aides working on his Senate in 201

8 had gathered in the city.

Signs of an upcoming announcement had also surfaced on social media. On Facebook, O'Rourke's side – which had not been paid for advertising since its unsuccessful attempt to stop Republican Senate Ted Cruz – began more than 300 ads requesting people to register first whether he knew will run for the president.

O & Rourke has spoken with several Democrat advisors in recent weeks, some on the phone and others on visits to El Paso. According to the people familiar with the talks, a recurring theme surfaced with which O & Rourke said he would only seek the Democrats' nomination "if he could be himself" and conduct an unconventional campaign that complements his Senate application similar to which he can speak directly

  Beto O & Rourke visits Iowa as the 2020 announcement is in sight

visits Am Monday, O & Rourke's helpers committed to a trip to northeast Iowa helps Eric Giddens, a Democrat who runs for the state senate. O Rourke's camp will be discussed in Iowa by Norm Sterzenbach, an experienced Democratic strategist who recently signed a treaty with the Iowa Democratic Party to prepare for a presidential campaign.

Paul Tewes, who served in Barack Obama's State of State in Iowa in 2008, also advised O Rourke, a well-known source. Sterzenbach, Tewes and several consultants who were near O Rourke did not respond to comment requests.

In addition to O & Rourke's trip to Iowa, he plans to visit other early states in the main calendar. Some Democratic activists who have worked on a design movement have been in contact with O & Rourke staff and are expected to be involved in the campaign.

The developments underscore how fast O Rourke – a little known deputy before him – was collecting $ 80 million in his Senate run against Cruz – a national team is being assembled, which other candidates prepared last year.

In a statement to CNN and other news agencies last month, O & Rourke said: "Amy and I have made a decision about how we can best serve our country and we look forward to sharing it with everyone soon . " [19659002] Since then, all signs have pointed to continue with a presidential campaign. The O Rourke team has recently angered his upcoming "big announcement" in emails to fans, and he has set up a national campaign staff, CNN reported.

After the premiere of an HBO documentary documenting his unsuccessful US Senate campaign of 2018, "Running with Beto," last weekend in South by Southwest, Austin, Texas, O & Rourke declined a question about his plans for 2020 by praising the nominees featured in the film.

"There are so many candidacies, so many leaders we have been allowed to be part of this amazing thing in Texas for the past two years, and it continues, and we are so excited," he said. "We just want to be part of it."

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