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Observations that were most important for Syracuse basketball versus Colgate

Syracuse, NY – The Syracuse basketball team has defeated Colgate, 70-54, in the Carrier Dome on Wednesday against a Colgate team that's not particularly geared for tall, athletic boys. (The Orange had an advantage of 34-8 points in the finish.) After ignoring Bourama Sidibe a couple of times in the first few minutes, SU players looked for him, gave him the ball and watched him work in the middle , He scored eight points and took in the first half eight rebounds. Sidibe finished with 12 points and 14 rebounds. He made all six of his field goal attempts.

  • Joe Girard was a differentiator on Wednesday. The freshman guard started the second half for Jalen Carey and made sure something happened. In particular, a piece has proven itself. He did a theft, flicking the ball to Buddy Boeheim in the transition. Boeheim gave it back to Girard, who flung it towards the edge to Bourama Sidibe. Sidibe threw it in to give SU a 41
    -28 lead and Colgate called the time. In SU's previous possession, Girard fired a 3-point shot.
    • Marek Dolezaj wowed the Dome fans on Wednesday as he parried a long rebound at the defensive end and squeezed the ball towards Su's basket. When he reached the alley, he turned a Colgate defender and then dived in. That made the Orange fans very happy.
    • Syracuse shot 7-of-17 (41 percent) off the 3-point line. The orange was more careful when she tried 3s. I remember that SU just took a controversial 3-pointer and Elijah Hughes let it out.
    • Free throws will be a problem. Syracuse does not take many and does not make many. The orange was 7-for-12 Wednesday. SU helps in this category by not polluting too much. Colgate went seven times throughout the match.
    • How about this statistic for Elijah Hughes? Fourteen points (3 against 6 of 3), eight assists, three rebounds, two steals, one blocked shot. SU helped with 20 of his 28 field goals.
    • Colgate fought – really, really – for a 3-point shot in the first half. The Raiders were 6-of-21 to start the game. They look pretty good against the orange zone. They just could not knock down shots. Colgates coach Matt Langel often talks about how difficult it is for his boys to shoot the ball against SU's zone. Colgate finished shooting 13 of 41 of 3.
    • The Orange did well in the first half. SU, who hit Virginia in his first game, prevailed in the first half against Colgate 24-14. Buddy Boeheim grabbed six shots alone. The final balance? SU outperformed Raiders 42-31 with 14 boards from Bourama Sidibe in 27 minutes.
    • Colette Roes, a 10-year-old (whose birthday is Thursday), who attends Thornell Road Elementary School, where she is in fifth grade. before the game on Wednesday a spectacular rendition of the national anthem listed. When she was done, she got a rousing ovation from the Carrier Dome crowd.

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