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Ocasio-Cortez praises Omar again, calling her "one of the most effective voices"

Deputy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to praise her fellow campaigner Ilhan Omar early Sunday evening, calling her "one of the most effective voices at the moment".

Omar, a survivor of the war, is one of the most effective voices currently breaking through this government's authoritarian foreign policy tendencies. " Ocasio-Cortez tweeted.

The Minnesota legislator made his statement in the early evening and criticized President Trump for dealing with the crisis in Venezuela.

"One can not trust Trump and Elliott Abrams to tell the truth about what's happening in Venezuela" along with a link to a New York Times story setting out the circumstances behind an alleged attack were called into question for a relief convoy in Venezuela.

"We must continue to question the narratives they provide and promote dialogue rather than intervention," Omar added. [19659002] In response, Ocasio-Cortez wrote: "She nails it here. You can see why she is targeted.

The New York lawmaker has been on Omar's behalf many times over the last few weeks after being condemned for commenting on Israel, which was considered anti-Semitic by many, including Democrats.

Her statement "survivor of the war" seems to refer to the four years that Omar spent in a Kenyan refugee camp after her family fled violence in their homeland.

Ocasio-Cortez Has Previously Claimed Omar While other politicians at higher levels of government have said far worse things and criticized them, last week they were passed by members of parliament, anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred under the Omar setback convicted.

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