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Ocasio-Cortez proposes a faux outrage over Dem's mundane reputation for accusing Trump

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ocasio-Cortez was inspired by Sotomayor to wear red lipstick, tires signaling in O 'Rourke support for & # 39; concept & # 39; from Green New Deal. Kamala Harris defends Ocasio Cortez video: "I'm dancing for more in politics" MORE (DN.Y.) Defended the Democratic Republican on Saturday Rashida Tlaib Rashida Harbi TlaibTrump: The congressman dishonored Joy Behar defends the newcomer Dems impeachment remarks: "I identify with her" Dems call Freshman's impeachment remarks "inappropriate" MORE (Mich.), Outrage at her appeal, "to address the Mothef ". President Trump Donald John TrumpTrump says he can call a national emergency to build the border wall. O & Rourke signals support for the "Green New Deal Supreme Court" concept to tackle Gander migration cases MORE . Republican hypocrisy in his f Inest: to say that Trump, who has been on tape for sexual assault, is just a "dressing room conversation," but makes himself a rogue when my sister says a curse word in a bar, "Ocasio-Cortez tweeted . "

"GOP lost the claim to monitor women's behavior long ago, next," she added.

The New York Democrat promised to have Tlaibs back, write "The Bronx and Detroit Ride Together" in a subsequent tweet.

Ocasio-Cortez appears on the 2005 video clip of the former "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush chatting with Trump, who at the time was a New York business mogul and host, was the reality show "The Apprentice."

The band that had surfaced weeks before Trump revealed in the 2016 election He wanted women to kiss and grope without a hitch, and he said he would "grab her pussy".

The then Republican presidential candidate apologized for his comments, but downplayed his language as "changing locker room". Trump has since questioned the legitimacy of the tape and claimed last year that the recording was "illegal."

Tlaib vowed to take Trump's lessons after she and Ocasio-Cortez were sworn into Congress on Thursday and told a crowd of followers in a bar: "We'll go in and sue the mother."

The comment was reversed by the GOP and members of Tlaib's party

The Republicans of Congress took up their comments, saying they were "very bad" and a "test" for the newly formed Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi . Nancy Patricia D & # 39; s Alesandro PelosiTrump says he could call a citizen an emergency to build Border Wall Dems to introduce background checks for the gun on the occasion of the anniversary in which Gabby shot Gifford's Trump: The Congressman dishonored himself with a mundane call for impeachment MORE (D-Calif.)

Pelosi told MSNBC she did not want to use that language, "she adds." She's not in the censorship business. "

The President condemned Tlaib's remarks on Friday and said she "dishonored" the country and its family.

Tlaib repressed her remarks and reiterated her demand that the President should be brought to justice when she faced the backlash, saying that she was chosen to "shake Washington up."

"Donald Trump is completely unable to serve as president. The congressman absolutely believes that he must be charged. She ran and won, making it very clear to voters in her district, "her office said.

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