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Oculus Quest 2 offers standalone VR with sharper 90Hz screens for $ 299

According to Facebook, the Quest 2 is around 10 percent lighter than before, and it’s also a tad smaller, which should alleviate the front-heavy annoyance of the first model. There is also a new head strap based on flexible material instead of the previously rigid mechanism. The redesigned controllers also take over some cues from the Rift Touch controllers. They’re a bit bigger and bring back the thumb rest that I sorely missed on the first quest.

Oculus Quest 2

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

The company is also making the Quest 2 more customizable this time around. It is planned to offer different faceplate options for wider and narrower heads. And if you missed the previous head strap, it will be returned as a “premium” option with space for a rear battery. According to Facebook, an extra battery doubles the Quest 2’s run time and acts as a counterweight to balance the entire apparatus on your head.

What’s the point of the Rift S when the Oculus Quest 2 is so powerful? Well, it seems that even Facebook is realizing that a mediocre headset doesn’t make much sense anymore. The company announces that it will end sales of the Rift S this spring and focus on the Quest 2 as its flagship for the next year. In addition, resources will be devoted to building more Quest 2 units (to overcome the production problems of the past) and a major foray into Japan will be made.

You can grab Quest 2 on October 13th. The $ 299 model will come with 64GB of storage, but there’s also a $ 399 256GB model for your game hoarder.

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