The Norwegian authorities are investigating why the cruise ship Viking Sky sailed despite a weather warning, resulting in engine failure, a Mayday call and air transport.

The cruise ship Viking Sky, which had to be evacuated off the coast of Norway on the weekend, had low oil levels leading to engine failure, according to the Norwegian Maritime Authority, which is investigating the incident.

Norwegian authorities launched an investigation on Monday. The NMA is working with Viking Ocean Cruises and Lloyd's, the ship's classification society, to find out why the cruise ship suffered a power outage on Saturday.

Lars Alvestad, head of the Norwegian Maritime Authority, said on Wednesday low oil levels were the "direct cause" of the engine failure that stranded the Viking Sky on Saturday.

The NMA stated in a press release that oil in the tanks was relatively low, within predetermined limits. But as the ship raced over rocky seas, the movement of the oil in the tanks triggered an alarm. Norwegian media reported gusts of up to 43 km / h and waves over 26 feet.

"The heavy sea in Hustadvika has probably caused movements in the tanks that were so great that the supply of lube pumps was stopped," said Alvestad. "This triggered an alarm that indicated a low level of lubricating oil, which soon led to an automatic shutdown of the engines."

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Viking Ocean Cruises said in a statement that the company is revising the procedures to make sure that the problem does not recur.

"We checked the levels on all our sister ships We are now revising our procedures to make sure that this question can not be repeated," the statement says. "We will continue to work with our partners and regulators to assist them in the ongoing investigation."


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The Viking Sky sailed The northern city of Tromso moved to Stavanger in southern Norway at the weekend, when the ship had an engine failure and took up water.

The crew of Viking Sky sent a Mayday call and anchored the ship in heavy seas. In an area known for shipwrecks, it was hit on rocks. Five helicopters lifted 479 passengers with winches.

The rescue operation ended on Sunday when the engines restarted. The ship drove with its own strength into a Norwegian port with almost 900 passengers and crew members still on board.

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