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Officials: Body armor rescued the Texas deputy multiple times

A West Texas sheriff's deputy was critically wounded on Friday after he was shot several times during a traffic stop. The authorities, however, equipped his body to save his life Robert Flores identified the wounded MP as Peter Herrera. He was shot dead at 1:50 am on Friday after stopping a vehicle in San Elizario, southeast of El Paso, on the US-Mexico border. A man in the vehicle started firing at Herrera after the deputy asked the driver to get out of the car, the authorities said.

Herrera did not fire back, Flores said, and the gunman fled with a female passenger. The deputies found the couple hiding in a shed a few blocks from where the deputy was shot, Flores said.

"Fortunately, he was wearing a vest," Flores said. "The rounds that actually hit some of the more vital areas of his upper body were stopped by the vest."

One round, Herrera hit his thigh and another brushed his head, Flores said. Herrera was listed after a surgical procedure in a critical but stable condition and recovered at a hospital in the area.

Alleged gunman Facundo Chavez, 27, was banned from extra charges for attempting to assassinate a peace officer and without assassination in El Paso County Prison. Online prison records do not include a lawyer for Chavez.

Flores said the investigators had tried to clarify the "complicated" relationship between the suspect and the woman in the car. The woman cooperated with the law enforcement and was released from the detention centers, the authorities said.

Car problems played a role in helping MEPs locate the suspect, Flores said.

"The vehicle has been stopped at him" spokesman said. "It certainly helped us clear up this crime."

Dozens of colleagues and other law enforcement officers from the El Paso Police Department and the Texas Public Security Bureau arrived Friday in the Sheriff Office parking lot to donate blood and plasma. Herrera, who has been a member of Parliament for the last five years supported by a drive.

"We are brothers," said Detective Alan Gurtler, a sheriff's 30-year-old veteran, who is on a busload of blood plasma. "(An) incident like this, in which a deputy was shot several times in serious condition, is very rare here."

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