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Ogden's proposed change of airport name causes a stir in Salt Lake City

OGden-Ogden City's proposed name change of Ogden-Hinckley Airport was scrapped indefinitely after the idea in Salt Lake City caused a stir.

The city council called for the airport to be renamed "Ogden-Salt Lake Regional Airport" – a maneuver designed to market the vicinity of the Salt Lake City Metro facility.

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The city council should vote on the name change at its meeting on June 25, but the article was removed from the agenda.

Ogden Chief Administrative Officer Mark Johnson said the Name change resolution was cut after Salt Lake City officials uncomfortably expressed the idea in a salt lake grandstand story that was released on Friday.

The Standard Examiner reported the change in March of that year, but officials in Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski's office apparently did not hea. "The proposal was submitted until the release of the Tribune story."

Biskupski spokesman Matthew Rojas is quoted in the story as saying the office is "not surprised that other communities want to connect to the under construction Salt Lake International Airport" fear that the name change will "cause confusion among passengers could cause ".

During the initial discussions on the proposal, Tom Christopulos, director of the Ogden Community and Economic Development, said that Ogden's proximity to Salt Lake City should be more clearly identified by searching for commercial flights.

These flights are considered by the city council as an important component to make the airport profitable. For more than a decade, the facility has lost approximately $ 500,000 to $ 750,000 annually, which has been subsidized by the city's general fund.

Allegiant Air flies to Mesa, Arizona twice a week, but recently the company has taken Ogden flights to Los Angeles and Las Vegas because of the low passenger compartment.

Johnson said the city is still working to lure commercial vehicles, but until something solid comes, the name change is presented.

"We're basically going to do a default," he said. "We will work with Salt Lake City, but there is no hurry now."

The airport was named after Robert H. Hinckley, a resident of Ogden who once served as deputy minister of commerce.

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