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Oh God Yes, There's "Mutual Interest" Between Dwight Howard And The Lakers

Photo: Leon Bennett (Getty)

The Lakers are casting about for replacements for DeMarcus's Cousins ​​after the big man shredded his ACL in a pickup game in Las Vegas last week. The pickings are slim. Joakim Noah is available! Dwight Howard.

The Grizzlies were reportedly too happy to grant the Lakers permission to be able to talk to a player. Ramona Shelburne was quick to temper this development a report that describes the Lakers' interest as essentially exploratory, with no particular interest in Dwight. Howard could not be better, but it would not matter anymore. Once you get past Dwight and Noah, it's not long before you take it to Amir Johnson and Tyler Zeller and Salah Mejri, and that's nowhere.

Howard bombed out with the Wizards last season after signing an inexplicable one-plus one contract (a guaranteed year plus one player option year) following a really dispensing season of empty production in Charlotte. Hey was never healthy in Washington. The next he came to healthy was ambling, stiff, floor-bound, permanently grimacing nine games of production, all of them before the end of November. His words were alarming, but his career was in a poor state. He was a hysterical 15.3 points per hundred possessions letter spell of "good" health. On the plus side, it's very likely he cost Ernie Grunfeld his job.

That does not mean it could not work out in Los Angeles. Howard-like literally every free agent player in the world is reportedly in tremendous shape this summer, and he's been playing with the best teammates he's had in four years. He says he wants to be some lucky team's Draymond Green. It could be the Lakers! Imagine! Plus, remember the Lakers made the playoffs, their center was one of Dwight Howard. A good omen! God, please let this happen.

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