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Ohio State DE Chase Young is suspended for two games; Return to Penn State | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The NCAA has decided that Ohio's defensive end will put Chase Young through another game before returning to Penn State the following week.

This was announced last week by the University that Young would be unavailable for the match in Maryland in 2018 due to a possible NCAA problem.

Young also published a statement stating that he made a "mistake" last year when accepting money from a friend of his family.

According to a statement by the University on Wednesday, the NCAA Young should "refuse to participate in another game before restarting the contest".

That means Young can suspend and play this Saturday against Rutgers November 23 against the Nittany Lions.

Below is the full State Legislative Statement of Ohio:

The NCAA has completed its review of the Ohio State University's Department of Athletics Reinstatement for sports student Chase Young and the decision to exclude Young from participating in another match before being eligible to resume the contest. Young was detained by the Ohio State Game against Maryland on November 9, while the department investigated and reported a potential 2018 NCAA problem. Young will also miss the Ohio state's game on November 16 against Rutgers in Piscataway, NJ.

"I would like to thank and sincerely thank the university staff who have worked so diligently and expertly to learn and understand the facts, and then report those facts to the NCAA as part of our request to reinstate Chase." said Gene Smith, Ohio senior vice president and Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director, said. "This is the example of the compliance culture that we have in the state of Ohio.

"I also want to praise Chase Young and tell him how proud we are of him. He took responsibility for his actions, collaborated throughout the process, and understood and accepted that there would be consequences. He is a team captain and a leader and especially a horse chestnut. He wanted nothing more than an opportunity to play again, and we are happy that he will get this opportunity.

The state of Ohio had requested immediate reinstatement in the name of Young in its official report to the NCAA.

"I appreciate the expediency with which the NCAA reviewed and responded to our request for reinstatement," he said Smith. "We felt that, based on the circumstances, the NCAA would use its leadership skills to take a sympathetic approach on behalf of all student athletes in a similar position, and that's exactly what it did. "

Young leads the nation in sacks at 13.5 and was a pre-season AP All-American and is expected to be one of the first players to be inducted into next year's NFL draft.

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