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Ohio State Vs. Northwestern Score: No. 6 Buckeyes Wins Big Ten Championship Game, Playoff Case

No. 6 Ohio State is your 2018 Big Ten champion when Buckeyes defeated No. 21 Northwestern 45-24 in Indianapolis. Whether or not this will lead to a place in the College Football playoffs will be decided on Sunday afternoon, but a conference title and a trip to the Rose Bowl are a nice consolation prize when the Buckeyes fall out of the top four.

It was a mighty night for the Dwayne Haskins Ward, Ohio, when he finished the evening with 499 yards passing and five touchdowns. His favorite goal was Johnnie Dixon, who ended up with 7 receptions for 1

29 yards and a touchdown. Dixon was also at the end of a 68-yard attack at the end of the fourth quarter, which made the touchdown of the US state of Ohio (USA), which discontinued the game.

Regarding Northwestern, the Wildcats did what they did all season long. They played hard and only stayed three points behind the third and a touchdown in the fourth quarter. The dam would break, however, and the wildcats will wonder what could have happened if not three turnovers had been made during the game.

Here are some important souvenirs from the game.

1. Ohio State is unlikely to make the College Football Playoff .

With Georgia losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship, fourth place is in Oklahoma and Ohio (or at least it should only be between them). Given that Oklahoma have come through the weekend in the Ohio State Ranking and avenged their only loss of season against Texas, it's hard to imagine Ohio going past the Sooners in the rankings. After all, the Longhorns were ahead of the Wildcats, and although a 21-point win is impressive, I do not find it impressive enough.

If the Buckeyes had controlled the entire game, it might have been, but while they could win at 21, the deficit was only seven points, less than 10 minutes.

2. Dwayne Haskins might have earned a trip to New York

Oklahoma's Kyler Murray and Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa are still your Heisman leaders, but you have to wonder if Haskins are not traveling to New York for the Heisman festified ceremony with this feat. His 499-yard passage and five touchdowns give him 4,580 yards and 47 passage touchdowns this year, along with four touchdowns. These numbers are probably good enough to win the Heisman in most seasons, but for Haskins, he wrote them just in a season in which Murray and Tagovailoa posted odd numbers.

3. Ohio State is 12-1, winning the Big Ten, and the season looks like a disappointment.

I do not know what that says about the expectations of the Buckeyes. It's a team likely to fight for the national title each season, but it's unlikely to be held for the fourth season in a row since winning the opening event in 2014. The entire season was hit by an unexpected blowout derailed. It went to Iowa last year, this year to Purdue.

Even if this season does not bring a national title, I hope that the players of this team are proud of themselves. With all the drama out of the field surrounding their coaching staff, the Buckeyes had many chances to finish the season, but they persisted and played their best when they had to. Many teams had called after the Purdue defeat.

4. Northwestern should also be proud of itself

Each coach tells his team that "nobody expected us to be here". But when Pat Fitzgerald said it to his team before the match, he did not lie! Northwestern started the season 1-3 with defeats to Baylor, Duke and Akron. Akron! He could have wrapped it up and given up the season, but he did not. Instead, it went out and won the Big Ten West. While it was a bad year in the division, the Wildcats lost just one match: a 3-point defeat at home to a top-10 team in Michigan. They then hung out with Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship. After seeing this team a lot in 2018, I was very impressed with how hard this team is. You could beat Northwestern, but they will make it as hard as possible for you. This tells you everything you need to know about the players in this Northwestern team and the coaches who lead them.

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