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OKC returns to D for 24: 0 and wins over Indy

OKLAHOMA CITY – Nine down to the Indiana Pacers at halftime, and Paul George knew that the season had gotten worse over the past few weeks, and he knew something had to change for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

That was the biggest Without conceding in the NBA this season – a 24-0 attack at the beginning of the third quarter – turned the deficit into a lead of 14 points and finally a victory of 107: 99.

"We knew it was not enough," said George of OKC, changing his focus. "When we came halfway, we knew we had to change things, and we came out and did that."

"Honestly, I've noticed the stops more than the rating," said Paul George. "I noticed we got stopps and get off the car, I noticed that the pace was on our side and the momentum was on our side, but I did not really notice 24-0 on that track." Alonzo Adams / USA TODAY Sports

The Thunder, one of the best defensive teams of the season, have been wildly inconsistent over the last few months at this end of the ground, but have increased their intensity to fuel the run. The Pacers were scoreless for nearly seven minutes – between 10:48 and 3:57 when Tyreke Evans finally lay down.

George shook off a slow start and set off, scoring 12 of his 31 points. In the third quarter, the Thunder led to a win over his former team.

"Honestly, I noticed the stops more than the hits," George said. "I noticed that we got stops and got out, I noticed that the pace was on our side and the momentum was on our side, but I did not necessarily notice the 24: 0 on this track."

Defending The offensive was the identity of the Thunders as they played their standard this season, with the energy at the other end of the hall defensively increasing the effort. Per Second Spectrum, the Thunder scored 8-10 points in catch-and-shoot jumpers and 7-out-of-11 in contested shots.

According to Elias, the Thunder now have two of the three best runs of the season, including Wednesday against the Pacers. They also had a 22-0 run against the Phoenix Suns in November. (The LA Clippers also had a 22-0 overtime this season.)

"Honestly, I did not mind that," Westbrook said about the run. "I was defensively imprisoned and trying to win as many stops as possible to win."

During the Thunder Run, the Pacers showed signs of frustration, with the final points coming for a provisional four-point game for George. After George finished an And-1 over Wesley Matthews, the Indiana guard broke out with an officer and made a technical foul. George hit both free throws to emphasize the run.

George was also frustrated for his part when he called the previous piece when a foul was called down by Matthews instead of firing.

"We are officiating differently," said George. "I'm going to change my way of thinking, it's hard to be emotional at the moment, answering a phone call or not a call, I'm a human, but I've learned to be better, just try to keep going, and often throw It's my game when I finish the refs and put too much into the refs, so just try to change the focus, and I think everyone is. It starts with me, it starts with me. These guys are looking up at us in this group so we're just trying to change our focus. "

The Thunder has been involved in an official controversy over the last few weeks, and George has fined $ 25,000 for comments The game is officially criticized and Westbrook is being blocked for technical fouls.

Against the Pacers, however, Westbrook was able to recover on Monday (19459018) from a hard game against Memphis Grizzlies, which sets the tone early and almost defiant against recordings he searched for teammates. He has scored his 29th triple-doubles of the season – 17 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists – and pointed out that it had something to do with what he had seen in the movie with the defensive style of the Pacers painting.

"Read and respond," said Westbrook. "A lot of teams plan to stay out of the paint, load the paint and bring in a lot of guys, so all I have to do is read, respond and make many decisions."

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