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Omarosa Manigault Newman has shot her from John Kelly

Omarosa Manigault Newman secretly arrested John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, when he released her in December in the Situation Room, a violation of security protocols, but one that suggested him to harm her reputation when she did not go quietly.

The recording was played on Sunday in NBC's Meet the Press, where Ms. Manigault Newman, a former Advisor to President Trump, unveiled her new book, Unhinged. In the memoirs, which focus on her relationship with Mr. Trump, dating back to her time in "The Apprentice," she describes the world around the president as a cult in which he creates his own reality.

At the reception, Kelly's wife Manigault Newman said he could face "rather significant legal issues", which he called abuse of a government car. She denied abusing it.

"I would like to see that this is a friendly departure," says Mr. Kelly on the tape. "There are quite significant legal issues that we hope will not turn into something that would make it ugly for you."

"But I think it's important to understand," he adds, "when we do that A friendly departure, we can all be, you know, you can see, take your time here in the White House as one Year of service to the nation, and then, in the future, you can carry on with respect to your call without any difficulty. "

Ms. Manigault Newman told Chuck Todd, the presenter of "Meet the Press," that she recorded the conversation, as well as others she played for reporters and book publishers in their conversations with Mr. Trump, because "this is a white house where everyone

But the situation room raised questions as to whether it had breached security protocols in a room in which there were no personal electronic devices.

Mr. Trump has long been known for recording calls over the phone and in person at his Trump Tower office. He threatened to produce tapes in the past to instill fear into the enemy, as the fired F.B.I. Director, James B. Comey

In return, Ms. Manigault Newman and another former Trump employee, Michael D. Cohen, who was once his personal attorney, recorded important moments in which they spent time with Mr. Trump. White House officials and Mr. Trump portrayed Ms. Manigault Newman and Cohen, convicted of them in New York, as angry and discredited figures.

"I find it incredibly important in Trump's world to protect you, because everyone is constructing their own reality," said Ms. Manigault Newman of the New York Times on Sunday. "The people around him are trying to reinforce this established reality."

Ms. Manigault Newman claims that Mr. Trump uses a racist slur bow while on "The Apprentice" in a band. She describes the volume in her book, but has said that she does not have it herself.

When Mr. Todd asked Mrs. Manigault Newman if she would ever hear the President say the bow, she said, "You know, I was in his presence when he said inappropriate things, but he never has the N-word said in my presence. "She did not say what" inappropriate things "she had heard.

But Ms. Manigault Newman said that after she had finished her book, she had gone to Los Angeles to visit a person who had a copy of the tape which Mr. Trump is to use the bow. "I heard his voice as clear as you and I are sitting here," she told Todd, adding, "It confirmed that he really is a racist."

As Mr Todd has read quotation for quote over several years in which Ms. Manigault Newman defended Trump publicly, she said she had played a role in selling the version of reality to the public and described herself as "complicity."

"In fact, I had a blind spot where Donald Trump came from," she said. "I wanted to see the best in him, and obviously I felt miserable."

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