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On July 31, a black moon is coming – that's what it means

They've heard of blue moons, harvest monsters, and even wolf moons. But what is a black moon?

If you live in North America, a black moon will appear near you for the first time in three years on July 31st. But what on earth is a black moon?

A black moon is the rare occurrence of a second new moon in a month when the moon is barely visible to the naked eye. It's just like a normal new moon, which usually takes place once a month, only twice this time.

While a lunar cycle lasts an average of 29 days from beginning to end, months in the Gregorian calendar are a bit longer. About every 32 months we get two full or two new moons. The second full moon of a month is called the blue moon, while the second new moon of a month is called the black moon. A black moon can also refer to a month without a new moon (a much rarer phenomenon that is possible only in February due to its fewer number of days).

If you feel like it, you can call the Moon today a "black supernatural moon" because the moon appears larger than usual because it is closer to the earth. However, with each new moon you probably will not see anything if you look into the night sky. Go figure.

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