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On the eve of Harvard Bias Trial, duel rallies are cracking among Asian Americans

"She is Chinese!" He added. "She told me," Oh no, race means character. "So I can not talk to her anymore."

Mr. However, you stated that he did not believe that candidates in their essays, for example, should be prevented from raising their race anywhere. "I'm just saying that a university can not shoot applicants through races," he said.

The Copley Square crowd barely seemed to notice Edward Blum, the founder of the Fair Registration Students, who sang Harvard's group speech. But the applause was thunderous as the organizers recited a parade of young children talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up, perhaps in a stereotype of a stereotype: a ballerina, an engineer inventing a cooking robot, a chemist , an artist, an astronaut, a firefighter.

The rally in Boston was organized by Asian groups led by Yukon Zhao, a businessman and head of the Asian-American Coalition for Education. The Harvard Square Rally lists a variety of campus groups as participants, including Harvard Fuerza Latina, Harvard Alumni Alliance, Harvard Black Alumni Society, Harvard Islamic Society, and Native Americans at Harvard College.

Protesters on the Harvard side said it was unimaginable for them that Harvard would resort to quotas in the face of legal bans.

"That would be stupid today," said Bin Zhang, 52, who graduated from Harvard.

Dear Harvard Exercising a Social Conscience

"I think all the Ivy League schools are trying to take care of the disadvantaged," Mr. Zhang said. "You have to promote social mobility."

Not all Harvard followers were lucky enough to invade their children or get them. Changyang Dai, 52, a pharmaceutical researcher, said her son had been turned down by Harvard and gone to Vanderbilt. "It did not matter," she said. "He was very happy there."

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