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"One Day at a Time" will be renewed for Season 3 on Netflix with a special message to the fans of Show

Fans asked and Netflix listened. As the streaming network announced via Twitter on Monday, March 26, One day after another season 3 of Netflix was officially renewed. Who else hears thunderous applause? That's probably just Twitter where the fans One day at a time celebrate their collective triumph all afternoon.

And after Netflix announcing the news it seems that the network has found reason to celebrate as well. One day at a time Fans everywhere (as evidence of the truly heartwarming series of triumphant responses in the comment section of the Tweet), Netflix shared the renewal news on Monday morning via its US Twitter account. 26th of March. "GET A BUSTELO FRESH CUP THAT COMES BACK TO YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OFFICIALLY FOR S3!" The headline of the tweet is in capital letters. Seems appropriate given the scope of this particular victory.

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1; Tweet used what could actually be the best-placed GIF ever – the chart in which the one-day scene cheered while Grandma Lydia, played by Rita Moreno, a Cuban flag waving happily. The tweet thanks the dogged fanbase of the sitcom for allowing the renewal in the first place. "We love you for the beautiful @ OneDayAtATime fans who complained about it!" The caption ends.

For those who have not yet seen the show, Netflix One Day at a Time is billed as a reinterpreted, contemporary adaptation of Norman Lears' 70s sitcom of the same name. The Part-Slapstick, Part-Serious-Dramedy follows a Cuban-American family living in Los Angeles. And while the series is sure to make a lot of jokes, it also deals with issues like racism, mental illness, and homophobia. The third installment of the series is scheduled for a season with 13 episodes that will debut sometime in 2019. And fortunately, it seems that the beloved cast of the series is returning with the series. Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, Todd Grinnell, Stephen Toblowsky, Isabella Gomez and Marcel Ruiz will all return to Season 3, according to a March 26 Deadline report.

Netflix on YouTube [19659006] Netflix, now a viral announcement tweet that has garnered more than 3,000 likes in the first few hours on Twitter, almost immediately catalyzed a wave of fan excitement. Some fans even took a note of Netflix's original post and decided that some emotions are only better expressed with a well-curated GIF than anything else. Fortunately, thanks to the endless screen casting abilities of One Day at a Time 's cast of funny people, the fans had a lot to work for. So, pinning to a series of tweets whose headlines mostly announce a repeat of "finally" or simply "YES" are an incredibly charming – and appropriately relevant – collection of glorious excerpts from the show itself.

All in all it feels the fan resonance on Twitter like a running victory dance. And a well deserved too. After the release of One Day in Time 's Season 2 (which came to Netflix last January), Netflix had not yet pronounced a word of renewal. This prompted the series's EP, Gloria Calderón Kellett, to solicit fans' help to influence the network's decision.

The Urge for a Close Season of One Day After the Other caught the attention of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which wrote a poignant open letter to Netflix urging the network to renew the series , Perhaps more importantly, the open, data-stacked letter explains in detail why it's so important that the sitcom stays on the air. After the reference to One day after another as "a guiding light – the true North in and for an industry that deals with issues of diversity, equality and inclusiveness" ends the letter,

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