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One of Rocket's tools could be the key to saving Tony Stark

By now, most people have seen the Avengers: Endgame trailer. YouTube's most watched video record was cracked after 24 hours when it was released. This means that fans are familiar with Tony Herzen's heartbreaking misery – floating in space and oxygen and food are becoming scarce. Soon, death will be imminent.

But if Tony could find something on the ship – which happened to be the Benatar the Guardian – that could restore the ship and possibly bring Tony safely to Earth? [19659004] This is the theory that the Reddit user "NaughtyDawgs" suggests as a true option for Iron Man. The theory revolves around a handy little tool that shows Rocket in one of the Guardians movies. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn once said on Twitter that the device resembled an extremely sophisticated 3D printer and, since the entire ship is in his memory, can readjust the entire thing or damaged parts. Take a look at the device below.

What if Tony finds only one of them in a drawer? from r / marvelstudios

With Rocket probably hiding the chic and expensive device somewhere on the ship, the theory suggests that Tony has to do everything to find, use and save the day. No more dying in space.

It's a nice theory and admittedly one of the more enjoyable we've seen – there are many theories about Tony's sacrifice, the death of Captain America, and more. However, there are some significant shortcomings. It is quite possible that Benatar Titan has dealt damage. However, it is likely that the ship that caused the oxygenation was not damaged. More likely is that the ship has run out of fuel. Without anything to power the systems that would generate breath, they would eventually shut down. This shutdown is probably also the reason why the Benatar is drifting somewhere in space. No fuel, no electricity, no navigation.

This topic has been mentioned by some Reddit users in commentary on the theory, but they have also touched on another excellent point, why the lack of fuel is the real problem that Tony is facing. Provided Nebula is with him on the ship, it is almost guaranteed that Nebula would have found a course that would have allowed the refueling on the journey. There, the true scope of The Dezimation would come into focus. If half of the life of the universe is torn out of existence, the impact would be similar to a massive natural disaster – a user compared it to the consequences of a hurricane. With worlds in chaos, most civilizations panicked, meaning that there may not have been fuel or, worse still, things have destabilized even the most advanced outposts in the expanse of space.

Given these variables, it seems unlikely that a lucky find in one of Benatar's boxes and drawers will save Tony, but that does not mean that Rocket could not always come to the rescue. Another fan theory says that Rocket finds Tony on a Stark Industries spaceship with the help of Pepper's help.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on this latest theory in the comments below.

Avengers: Endgame Premiere on April 26, 2019 in the theaters.

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