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One woman's leg was amputated in a woman suffering from a rare suicide disease, hoping to find relief from chronic pain

A 22-year-old British woman whose leg was injured in a kayak accident recently decided to have her limb amputated after years of suffering from a rare chronic pain disorder.

Helena Stone, 22, from the North London was involved in a kayak accident about six years ago. After the incident, she developed a chronic pain disorder known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS.

CPRS, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a "form of chronic pain that usually affects one arm or leg" develops after surgery, stroke, heart attack, or other injury – but the cause is not well known "Suicide disease", as it is known that those who suffer from it, lose their lives in a desperate attempt to find relief. Indeed, in a 201

4 study, researchers found that more than 70 percent of CRPS participants had a "high suicide risk."

  Helena's stone after the amputation in the hospital.

Helena's stone after the amputation in the hospital.

"My foot got into the water and my leg was pulled," Stone told SWNS about the accident when she was 16. The pain never went away, "she said. She had to use crutches for a while.

Over the years, Stone claims to have tried various treatments – spinal injections, physiotherapy, and psychotherapy – but nothing worked.

"It was as if someone had tied something A burning barbed wire around my leg and tightened it. It was so overwhelming, "she said of the pain.

"I always have a basic pain level, but anything could make it unbearable. It was not just a simple knock or hit. Changes in air pressure could trigger this, "she continued. "People did not want to sit next to me if they brushed it, I could not even take a shower without collapsing."

In January, a "desperate" Stein said she was thinking for the first time of amputating a leg

"You come to a point where you are so desperate, you just think how much worse can it be? It has been worth taking this risk," she said of her choice.

  Helena Stones Bein suffered from a complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). (SWNS)

Helena Stone's leg suffered from a complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). (SWNS)

"It was also a mental decision. I would not say that I committed suicide, but I had days or weeks that I simply could not be disturbed, "she added. [3,659,003] On September 3, Stone's right leg was removed at Princess Grace Hospital Marylebone. The operation was successful and Stone claims she is not in pain anymore.

"It was amazing. It is the dream scenario. I told the doctors that the nerve pain is gone, "she said. "Every time they asked me, I said the CRPS was gone. I was so overwhelmed that I could not say anything else.

The 22-year-old will soon be equipped for a prosthesis.

"I can not wait to run and kayak again," she said.

"The accident has not changed how I see kayaking. It's a big part of my identity and I still love it, "she added. Although Stone feels relieved by her decision, she warns other CRPS patients to be thoughtful of amputation.

"If you're considering an amputation, this is perfectly normal, but do not underestimate the extent of the decision. I do not want anyone looking at me who feels well now and deciding to lose his limbs. "

The amputation for the disease is controversial and is usually used as a last resort published in the Ochsner Journal, according to a study from 2015. Although there is no cure, patients with CRPS can sometimes, according to the Mayo Clinic To suffer remission.

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