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OnePlus 7 Pro Screen Recorder Also Works on Older Devices [APK Download]

Every time a company launches a flagship product with useful software additions, users wonder if they can make it to the previous generation they already have in their hands. On the OnePlus 7 Pro, we recently learned that the on-screen recorder and Zen mode are used on older models, but it turns out you do not have to wait for the first model to work. An APK of the 7 Pro Screen Recorder has been uploaded to APK Mirror and may also work on 6T and older devices.

After installing the app on your phone, you will not find it in the drawer. You need to open the Quick Settings buttons and look for Screen Recorder . Drag it onto your existing tiles, and this way you can trigger the functionality.

Start it, approve the permissions, and you'll see a hovering menu on the screen with three buttons: Record, Settings, and Exit. It will not appear in any screenshot, but you can see it in the picture at the top of the post.

The settings allow you to select the resolution, bitrate, and orientation of the video, regardless of whether or not audio is recorded. You can also enable touch markers to indicate where you interact with the screen and the recording pause when the screen is off.

The function works very well on my 6T. I can tap the floating button to start recording, do whatever I want, control it there or over the notification, pause and resume, and then view the resulting video or delete it immediately. Here is a short GIF from a video recorded with the app.

If you do not want to wait for OnePlus to install the feature on your device (which may require new firmware), you can download the APK Mirror onscreen recorder and give it a whirl. We have not checked it on all older models, but it probably works on models 6, 5T and 5, as promised by the OnePlus team. While you're at it, you can also try the new gallery and camera. I tested them on my 6T and they brought some interesting additions.

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