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Oops: Problems with the Titanium Apple Card

Earlier this week, the Apple credit card was officially launched in the US. For those of us who prefer to maximize credit card rewards, this card is really nothing to be excited about. However, Apple has a loyal following, so I imagine this card will be incredibly popular with consumers.

However, the card has some cool features, such as: For example, the lack of fees. One of the highlights of this card is that you can use it immediately with Apple Pay. After all, Apple is all about mobile payment, so they are keen to make payments without a physical card.

However, all cardmembers get a physical card, and it looks pretty cool. It is a titan card, on which no numbers are noted. It is one of the safest physical credit cards.

Unfortunately, Apple has apparently focused on the style of substance when it comes to the design of this card. No doubt many people will be very proud to own this card and keep it in good condition, although this could be a challenge.

Apple seems to recognize problems with keeping this card in good condition On a dedicated web page, you'll learn how to keep your Apple card clean.

The Titan Apple card is lasered with the name of the cardholder, the Apple logo and the card has a white finish, which is achieved through a multi-layer coating process, which is added to the titanium base materials.

The white color sounds cool and fits the Apple brand, but may not be the most practical. Apple Notes:

  • If your card comes into contact with hard surfaces or materials, the coating may be damaged.
  • Some fabrics, such as leather and jeans, can cause permanent discoloration that does not wash off a slot in your wallet or wallet without touching another credit card; If there are two cards in the same slot, your card could be scratched.
  • Do not place or store the card near a magnet, or the card could be demagnetized.
  • Do not place the Apple Card in a pocket or bag with coins, keys, or other abrasive items

To clean the card, Apple recommends carefully wiping the card with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth and even isopropyl alcohol ,

Do not use window or household cleaners, compressed air, sprays, solvents, ammonia or scouring agents to clean the card.


It seems to me that Apple may not have thought it through completely. There are so many people who are loyal to Apple and proud of their new Titan Apple card. The reward structure is not great for shopping in the store, but many people will love using this card.

There are some other metal cards, but this will undoubtedly be the fanciest thing that does not exist in a year Charge card ever … at least when you first get it.

So while many people are proud to use this card, it does not sound like the card is aging well, because a white coating seems less than ideal. Sure, all the cards are scratched over time, but this design sounds particularly impractical.

I'm curious if they'll ever change the card design or if the Apple card will get worst over time-looking card out there …

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