The latest technology exhibition, MWC Shanghai, is about to launch and one of the first exhibitors is the Chinese tech manufacturer Oppo. The keynote did not talk about a phone – the Reno phones are illuminated in more detail here – but with the demonstration of a selfie camera under the display we came closer to the supposed Holy Grail of a full body smartphone. 19659002] Before we get there, let's mention the subordinate component of this showcase, wireless messaging outside the traditional network. The company's MeshTalk app is capable of sending text, media, and voice calls without the need for 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. Think of something like GoTenna: Only ad hoc connections between other enabled devices. Although we do not know which spectrum is used here, we know that Oppo has optimized its wireless chip to allow "more private" chats on devices up to 3km apart.

As you may see from this Engadget Chinese photo, the screen over it is not perfect. The OEM has configured a high-throughput screen and some algorithms to make this small part of the field look reasonably decent. In addition, the phone remains relatively thin and may be more desirable than a pop-up camera.

However, the display stack has the disadvantage that the amount of light that the selfie camera can receive is halved. This and the fact that these diodes can fog up the picture a bit. In the end, the company uses special algorithms and AI to capture white balance and even HDR. If you choose a phone with a camera under the display, you get used to overly sharp and oddly colored self-portraits. [19659005] We have no idea when one of the two features will be released, but let's assume that there really is not much more improvement than just a generation jump. Definitely worth a try.