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Orange County reported 227 new cases and 4 new deaths as of September 19 – Orange County Register

The Orange County Health Care Agency reported 227 new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday, September 19, bringing the cumulative total to 51,873 cases.

Four new deaths were reported in Orange County on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 1,127. Data on deaths in the county is compiled from death certificates or collected through case investigations. According to the authorities, processing can take weeks.

The health department reported that the local rate at which tests were positive for coronavirus was 3.9% on Wednesday, September 16. This is within the range that the state has set for counties in its red tier (significant virus threat) to switch to orange (moderate threat) animal.

Orange County must spend three weeks on the red row or September 29th before it can potentially drop a level if trends meet the criteria.

However, the 7-day average for new cases of coronavirus per 1

00,000 residents in the county is 4.7 and would have to reach 3.9 and stay below two weeks to meet the other state criteria for falling into the orange tier.

A county must meet the criteria for the next level for both measures for the last two consecutive weeks in order to move down one level.

The state updated its four-color tiered map on Tuesday, and two counties, Marin and Inyo, were downgraded from widespread (purple) to significant (red).

Of the 1,127 deaths nationwide, 423 were qualified care facilities, 77 were in assisted living facilities, and one was classified as homeless.

The breakdown of deaths by age is as follows:

  • 85 and older: 31% (346)
  • 75-84: 22% (242)
  • 65-74: 20% (229)
  • 55-64: 13% (158)
  • 45-54: 9% (99)
  • 35-44: 3% (31)
  • 25-34: 1.3% (17)
  • 18-24: <1% (4)
  • 17 and younger: 0% (1)

An estimated 6,565 new cases of the virus have been reported since August 21.

It is estimated that about 89% of the cumulative reported cases, or 46,598 people, recovered on Saturday. The number of people who have recovered is based on the cumulative number of cases over the past 28 days.

The county reports that a total of 786,298 tests have been taken since testing began and at least 8,844 tests have been reported in the past 24 hours.

The district reported 202 patients in hospitals with the coronavirus on Saturday. The highest level in the county was on July 14, 722 confirmed hospital stays. The district’s report showed that there were 65 patients in intensive care units on Saturday.

The data published daily are preliminary and subject to change, officials stress. More information may become available once the individual investigations are completed.

The Orange County Health Care Agency dashboard is available here.

Hospital admissions and deaths:

Orange County Total Cases by ZIP Code for September 17:

Case demographics as of August 20:

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