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Orange Vanilla and New Coke give Coca-Cola a boost

The beverage company said on Tuesday that net sales in the second quarter increased 6% to $ 10 billion, partly due to innovation within the classic Coke brand. The volume of sparkling soft drinks increased 3% in the quarter, due to a 4% increase in cola.

The shares of the company increased in the result by almost 3%.

Although Coca-Cola ( KO ) attempts to become a "total beverage producer" by acquiring sap and sesame varieties and developing new products in these categories, It also has to make sure that people do not give up the most popular product.
New flavors such as Orange Vanilla Coke and new platforms such as Coca-Cola with coffee and a Coca-Cola energy drink have been introduced for this purpose (these two are currently only available internationally).
  Innovations like Orange Vanilla Coke helped the company this quarter.

Coca-Cola said its energy drink sold in 14 countries is showing initial success. By the end of the year, Coca-Cola plans to make it available in 20 markets.

In addition to the new lines stunts also arouse interest in the Signature product. When Disney opened its new Star Wars theme park, it sold custom-made bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Dasani that looked like droids. And the company brought New Coke back for a limited time to promote Netflix & # 39; Stranger Things.
Sugar reduced cola products also perform well. Coke Zero Sugar, a perennial revenue driver, posted double-digit volume growth in the seventh quarter. The company also introduced Diet Coke in 2018 with a sleek new look and trendy flavors.
Coca-Cola is also making progress with its line of ready-to-drink coffees. The beverage company completed the acquisition of the British coffee chain Costa earlier this year and has since launched a canned coffee line under the Costa brand in the UK.

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