Edmilson Aguilar Punay, a 15-year-old Guatemalan man, relates that the detention center where he was being held was so crowded that some people had to sleep standing up.

A federal judge in California has ordered US immigration authorities to reunite isolated families at the border within 30 days, and describes the Trump administration's treatment The Crisis as an attempt to "tackle a chaotic circumstance that the government has itself made."

US District Judge Dana Sabraw's injunction in San Diego states that children under 5 years of age are within 14 days of the order issued on Tuesday need to be reunited.

Sabraw, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, also issued a nationwide ruling on future family divisions, unless the parents are considered unfit or do not want to be with the child. In addition, the government needs to make telephone contact between parents and their children within 10 days

Despite the decision, organizers of a protest rally on the US-Mexico border planned to continue their event on Thursday.

The rally was to begin in the Federal Court in Brownsville, Texas to protest what the organizers called "Trump's inhuman treatment of immigrants."

Organizers included the American Civil Liberties Union, the Texas ACLU, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Rio Grande Equal Voice Network, We belong together, and Jay Ellis, an HBO activist and actor, "Insecure."

"The rally is ongoing and we are mobilizing people as this is far from over," said Ana Blinder, an ACLU representative, "The crisis engulfing immigrant children and families is now."

San Diego Supreme Court is responding to a lawsuit filed by an anonymous Democratic Republic of the Congo woman separated from her 17-year-old girl and a Brazilian mother who separated from her 14-year-old, supported by American Civil Liberties Union prosecuted as a class action lawsuit after US authorities began "zero tolerance" At the beginning of May, it was about people crossing the border.

Lee Learned, ACLU lawyer representing the families in this case in California , praised the judge's decision.


On Tuesday, a California judge ordered the US border authorities to reunite separated families within 30 days and set a tough date in a process that has so far given uncertainty as to when children could see their parents again.

"This is a complete victory for those parents and children who feared they might never meet again," Learned said. "Tears of joy will flow in the prisons as they hear the news, and we hope the government is now applying its efforts to reunite these children."

The Department of Justice said the court's ruling "made it even more urgent The US Congress of Federal Prosecution gives the opportunity to simultaneously enforce the law on families together. "

" Without this congressional action, lawlessness will continue at the border, which will only lead to predictable results – more heroin and fentanyl, driven from Mexican cartels that plagues our communities, a wave of MS-13 gang members and an increase in the number of prosecutions against trafficking, "the department said in a statement.

Under the zero-tolerance policy children were separated from their parents when the adults were arrested for alleged illegal entry into the United States [19659008Mehrals2000KinderwurdenindenletztenWochenvonihrenElterngetrenntundinvonderRegierungunterVertraggenommenenUnterkünftenuntergebracht-ineinigenFällensogarHundertevonMeilenentfernt-NacheinerinzwischenaufgegebenenPolitikfürFamiliendieillegalindieUSAeinreisen

hastily enacted Minister Donald Trump an executive command to the separation while the civil servants started the reunification process after a national outcry.

Sabraw called the unfolding of events as the zero-tolerance policy was translated into "reactive governance – reactions to a chaotic circumstance of one's own government."

"They lie in measured and orderly governance, which is central to the concept of the
orderly process enshrined in our constitution," wrote Sabraw.

In his 24-page order, the judge also criticized the government's unwillingness to implement its policies.

"The government readily keeps track of the personal property of prisoners in criminal and immigration procedures," Sabraw wrote. "Money, important documents and cars, just to name a few, are routinely cataloged, stored, tracked and produced as soon as a prisoner is released at all levels – state and federal, citizens and foreigners." However, the government has no system to deal with The regrettable reality is that, under the current system, migrant children are not treated with the same degree of efficiency and accuracy as property, and certainly, the demands of a fair trial can be do not meet. "[179] Also on Tuesday, 17 states, including New York and California, sued the Trump administration to force the reunification of children and parents. The states, all headed by Democratic Attorney Generals, joined Washington, DC, to file the lawsuit in the Seattle District Court on the grounds that they were forced to increase the cost of childcare, education, and benefits from the Separating families is cruel, plain and simple, "New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said in a statement," It looks like the administration is creating new, contradictory policies every day, based on new, contradictory justifications. But we can not forget that the life of real people hangs in the balance.

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In a speech to the Conservative Criminal Justice Legal Foundation in Los Angeles defended US Attorney General Jeff Sessions's government for taking a tough stance on illegal immigration and said that voters had selected Trump for it.

"This is the Trump era," said he. "We enforce our laws again. We know whose side we're on – and this group too – and we're on the side of the police, and we're on the side of the public safety of the American people. "

Juan Sanchez, director general of" The largest housing for children of migrants in the US, "he said," the lack of urgency of the US government could mean that families need several months. "

Sanchez said in one The government has no process to expedite the return of children to their parents.

"It could take days," he said. "Or it could take a month, two months, six or even take nine years. I just do not know. "

Secretary of Health and Social Services Alex Azar said to Congress on Tuesday that his department still has custody of 2,047 migrant children separated from their parents at the border, which is only six children less as the number in HHS detention last Wednesday.

Democratic Senators said that was not enough.

"HHS, Homeland Security, and the Justice Department seem to be doing much more." Still lamenting Add something and distract the blame as they do to tell parents where their children are, "said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore,

Azar did not want to know how long it will take families to return combine. He said his department conducted a comprehensive review of the parents to make sure they were not smugglers disguised as parents.

Tens of thousands of Central American migrants who travel with children – as well as single children – are trapped every year on the Mexican border. Many of them are fleeing gang violence in their home countries.

In a Texas detention center, immigration lawyers complained that parents had received information from a federal agency to obtain information about their children (1659008] Lawyers have been in the Port Isabel detention center near Los since last week, with about 200 immigrants Fresnos, Texas, and few knew where their children are being held, said Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg of the Virginia Justice Center.

"The US government has never had a plan to reunite these separate families," Sandoval said -Moshenberg, and now "he's struggling to undo the horrible things they've done."

A Message for HHS (19659008) Many children in shelters in South Texas had no contact with their parents, although some have reported that they were allowed to talk to them in the last few days, said Meghan Johnson Perez, director of the children's project for the project "Pro Bono Asy lum Representation "in South Texas, which offers free legal services for minors.

"Things could change now, agencies are trying to better coordinate," she said. "But the children we saw had no contact with the parents, they do not know where the parents are, they are just desperate, their urgent need is to find out," Where are my parents? "

The administration has been looking for immigration detention grounds for migrants and the Pentagon has set up plans to house up to 20,000 US military bases.

The government has also asked the courts to bring the family together for a longer period of time As a result of a court settlement in 1997, children must be released as quickly as possible, which is usually interpreted within 20 days.

Supporters of immigrants have been detained in recent days States such as Florida and Texas protests led in Los Angeles arrested the police at a rally on Tuesday before a session 25 Protesters

In front of the US Attorney's Office, protesters carried signs saying, "Free the children!" And "Stop blocking families." Clergy members blocked the road by forming a human chain. The police handcuffed her and led her away.

Later, demonstrators gathered in front of the hotel where Sessions delivered his speech. When the motorcade of the Minister of Justice arrived, the crowd sang: "Nazi, go home."

Post: Julie Garcia in Matamoros, Mexico; Alan Gomez, in Miami, The Associated Press


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