Samsung's Always On Display debuted on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge two years ago. Since then, the company has been adding features over and over again, which it was able to do, as the feature itself has its own APK. The latest addition to Always On Display is the GIF support that lets you add some action to the otherwise boring clock and time.

Samsung has long allowed issues to be used with the Always On Display to make things a little more interesting recently also allow photos to be added, but GIF support is new. You can either choose one of Samsung's or upload one through the gallery. But as you can expect from an animated file for a feature that greatly affects battery life, there are a few caveats. For example, the GIF may not be too long, but you can just cut the GIF in your gallery if that's a problem. Also, the GIF will not automatically loop; It only plays once when you turn off the display. However, you can tap it twice while your screen is off if you want the GIF to play again.

If you do not have GIF support on your Galaxy phone, make sure you're up to date Always on display version We have the latest APK Mirror Always On Display APK when you need it.