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Orioles moves David Hess to 6.1 innings without a hit

Baltimore Orioles starter David Hess was ready for a performance few would have seen of his team. The 25-year-old entered the seventh inning Monday with a good draw on Monday and seemed to be well able to finish the game with 74 positions.

And then the Orioles pulled him after he had hit 82 positions.

Hess He competed against the Blue Jays after 6.1 innings, a career-high eight-stroke, a walk and obviously no hits. It was his 20th career start.

When Orioles manager Brandon Hyde, who ran his fourth career game, went to the hill and informed Hess of his decision to take him out of the game, Hess was more than a little unbelieving.

The no-hitter would die only two battles later, when the auxiliary candidate Pedro Araujo Randal Grichuk handed over a homer. The Orioles would continue after a late 5-run attack by Blue Jays victory with 6: 5, but Hyde had to answer some important questions after the game.

Why did the Orioles beat David Hess during a no-hit? ?

This decision by Hyde will not be popular with many fans.

Hess apparently had a lot of sounds to work with when he was dragged, 18 below the arbitrary but widely watched 100 threshold. He was a young pitcher who wanted to live his whole life in a team that had absolutely no intention of coming close to 500 this season. This is usually a legitimate attitude for a non-hitter.

And yet, there's probably a reason why Hyde decided to pull Hess, and you should know about it if you've followed Dave Roberts's career

82 pitches are not a ton, but in the context of Hess season; & # 39th WNST Orioles reporter Luke Jones noted that Hess made a brief break on opening day from two innings of tedious relief work against the New York Yankees. In all likelihood, he had a hard pitch count and the decision should not fall Hyde into the hands.

It's also worth noting that it's April 1st, and at this point of the season, some pitchers are still being stretched. Of course, just because there are reasons for a decision does not mean that the decision must be popular. For Hess, a fifth-round draft pick who never got higher than 15 on the top Orioles prospect list of Baseball America, throwing a non-hitter would have been a great story and an undeniable climax to an Orioles season, by which is expected to be a pull. Instead, we got another reminder of the impact that front offices and pitch counts have on today's dugout.

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