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Oscar Rodriguez shortly before the constant transfer to the La Liga

Real Madrid attacking midfielder Oscar Rodriguez has had a great 2019-2020 season and is ready for a new challenge.

The main focus of Real Madrid loaners in 201

9-2020 was on future superstars like Martin Odegaard, Takefusa Kubo, Achraf Hakimi and Dani Ceballos, who have been classified as important prospects for some time. Another name, however, emerged as one of Real’s most productive loanees, especially in terms of scoring.

Despite his efforts, the Oscar Rodriguez Leganes relegated in their last game of the season and split 2-2 with Real Madrid themselves. Oscar’s team may have fallen, but the aspiring star undoubtedly has a future in Spain’s top league.

In fact, Jose Felix Diaz of MARCA reports that 22-year-old No. 10 is getting closer to moving permanently to Villarreal. The fifth-placed La Liga team would pay the tech-savvy midfielder a modest 20 million euros, or could pay even less if Real included a buyback clause. Given the speed with which Oscar is developing, this may be in Real’s best interests.

A transfer for Oscar has always been likely. Los Blancos has already sold Hakimi to Inter and is ready to permanently sell Dani Ceballos to Arsenal. They prioritize cash, so it would be a net win for them to get around 20 million euros for Oscar. Oscar is definitely talented, but with Real’s crowded midfield – especially the offensive midfield – they have no place for him. And he’s too good to sit on the bench.

Villarreal would be a big step for Rodriguez, who scored nine goals with two assists for Leganes in 2019-2020. Without him, Leganes would not have had a chance, since Oscar often saved points. He is a brilliant free-kick shooter and can score Golazos from a distance. Villarreal would be lucky to have him, especially if Santi Cazorla had left.

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There will be competition, but the yellow submarine seems to be the favorite, especially after its impressive end of the season. You will play in the Europa League 2020-2021. This is a great place where Oscar can show off his skills to both Real Madrid and others. You know, in the case of another transfer or a buyback.

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