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Otto Porter had a bad and bad night

Daily Digits is a new daily feature that we are doing at Bullets Forever this year. There statistics on the Wizards are considered. We'll dive into the numbers, add context and discuss how they affect the product on the pitch.

The current level is the number of games this season in which Otto Porter missed over 10 shots, which … [19659005] In retrospect, Scott Brooks might have a lavish praise before the defeat on Thursday against the Warriors Otto Porter should get.

Porter probably had his worst shooting evening of the season, if not his career. He only had a handful of games in his entire career, reaching double-digit scores in missed shots, and it's the first time he made 7 threes in a game without a try.

Golden State was fortunate that Porter had missed out on some of his open looks in the fourth quarter, but the warriors' defense took advantage of his inability to break up earlier in the game. They could get away with a big impact on him, because they could still challenge his outer shots with their long arms, even if he would unbalance them, because they knew he could not come to the margins against them. 19659009] When Porter walked into the block, they could cling to Klay Thompson without worrying about his getting a clean look.

There are few teams in the league that have the staff to make Porter's life so difficult. But when these games come, they have to hope for more than just the best when it's open. It's great that he's finally getting more aggressive on the ball, but now he needs to expand his repertoire to maintain his efficiency while engaging in extra defensive attention.

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