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Outsider Trailer posted on SDCC

It's been five years since Young Justice was last aired on Cartoon Network, and now fans are getting their first glimpse of it What Next Comes with Young Justice: Outsiders

The upcoming DC Universe debuted today at the San Diego Comic-Con with the first trailer for the upcoming animated series. You can see that above.

"Fans have been waiting long enough and it's time for a first look at one of the most anticipated shows of the year," wrote Warner Bros. TV in its press release. "In Young Justice: Outsiders the teenage super-heroes of the DC universe grow up in a busy world full of superpowers, super villains and super-secrets, this time the team faces its greatest challenge Yet it takes meta-trafficking and the terrible threat it creates for a society trapped in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. "

As we see on posters for Young's Justice: Outsiders Starring darkseid when the show debuts, fittingly, as the series went off with a cliffhanger showing that the big bad was partly responsible for the problems facing the superheroes. When the series was canceled in 201

3, there was no solution to the history of light conspiring with Apokolips. Fans will have to wait a bit longer to see how things will turn out as the show will debut in 2019, but all the speakers have finished recording for the season.

"We've all recorded 26 episodes," said Aqualad actor Khary Payton. "We're just waiting for the animation to come back in. I've seen a lot, it looks great, I'm so excited … It's so curvy and turny and full of so many characters, I can not wait for that You will love it. "

Are you looking forward to Young Justice: Outsider ? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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