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Overwatch Anniversary 2019: Skins, Cosmetics and Dates

There is a lot going on in the Overwatch update on Tuesday. The new event, which takes place from May 21 through June 11, brings with it a range of new skins and other cosmetics, as well as the return of all other seasonal event arcade modes.

Overwatch recently told Game Director Jeff Kaplan that Blizzard would soon be adding a new D.Va skin that "breaks the Internet". Apparently, this is the new skin of D.Va Academy, which gives her a kind of private school uniform. D.Va gets a second skin as part of Overwatch Anniversary 2019: an epic color scheme, Midnight.

Other highlights include the previously unveiled Gargoyle Skin for Winston, which reinterprets the gorilla as a radically reified furious warrior. Similarly radical is Roadhog's Toxic Skin, which turns it into a skeleton revived by green mud. Brigitte gets a riot police skin, Pharah gets a spacesuit and Mei apparently has moonlight on … a bubble tea joint?

Check out the rest of the new Overwatch Anniversary Legendary and Epic skins at the gallery below.

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