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Overwatch Update Revamps Hanzo on PTR; Here are the patch notes

We've known for some time that Blizzard planned a kind of overhaul for Hanzo, Overwatch's archers. Now we know exactly what's in store for the character as these changes have been implemented in the public test section of the PC version in addition to the new Rialto map and other changes.

Most importantly, Hanzo's old Scatter Arrow ability The one who has shot down a bunch of arrows that would bounce off surfaces – is gone. He was replaced by storm arrows, allowing him to "quickly fire six arrows that cause less damage but are always fired at full power." He also gains the ability to jump horizontally with lunge (by pressing the jump button in the air), and the projectile speed of his base attacks has been increased from 85 to 1

00. Finally, Sonic Arrow – the opponent revealed near his impact – can now be used more often, but is less effective: his cooldown drops from 20 seconds to 12 seconds, but his duration is only six seconds (less than 10) and his radius is seven Meters (less than 10). 19659002] "The goal of these Hanzo changes is to give it new options and maintain its high claims performance while eliminating the frustration of fighting the old scattered arrow," Blizzard said in the full patch notes. "Hanzo is now much more agile with his new lung ability, and with the combination of the speed of the bow projectile and the new Storm Arrow ability, he can now deal his high damage more consistently than ever before."

While Hanzo's changes are by far the most extensive, he's not the only character with some balance tweaks in this update. Lucios Wall Ride has been redesigned; Blizzard said it's a "big improvement," and it's less likely that it will be disrupted if you stay on the same surface. He can also go around corners without leaving the wall, and it is possible to jump off a wall and then return to it. In addition, Soundwave no longer consumes ammunition when used.

Brigitte, the game's newest hero, has reduced her cone angle from 90 to 60. Blizzard said that should prevent frustration when used (or hit) by her. as "the ability is more accurate to its visual representation." Junkrat sees some small adjustments; The projectile size of its standard attack has been reduced (from 0.3 to 0.2), as well as the speed of movement of RIP-Tire (to 12 out of 13).

Genji sees a bit of nerf in terms of his distraction ability; his hitbox size has been reduced. It sounds like it's meant to avoid projectiles that are farther away from it than it should. Eventually, the maximum damage of Tracer's pulse bombs was reduced from 400 to 300, making him "less powerful than a tank destroyer, while remaining deadly to most other heroes."

This PTR update also does some other fixes and improvements. This is all live on the PTR, which you can access via Blizzard Battle.net, if you own the PC version. There is no word as to when these changes will find their way to the live game, even considering that these specific changes can be further optimized.

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