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Overwatch's & # 39; Uprising & # 39; s; Event is likely to have a new PvE mission to play

Update: A new teaser video for Overwatch Uprising just went out confirming that all content from last year's event would come back into play. However, as we have seen recently, seasonal events returning for the second year not only bring back the previous year's content but also bring a bunch of new skins, cosmetics and content. It is strange that this new trailer does not mention any new content – except for a quick excitement at the end. When the video is over, it will be "Access to Archive File 0382 … Completed" ̵

1; indicating the mission of last year's King Uprising. Then flashing briefly "Accessing Archives File 0274 …" See for yourself:

From this little hint we can guess that Archiv's File 0274 probably refers to another mission – another crucial moment in the history of Overwatch, probably from before the Rising Mission, based on the archive number – this year's Uprising event lets us play through. Just as we predicted last year.

Original story: The brawl of Overwatch Uprising will return on April 10, Blizzard announced today, leading the players back to "a pivotal moment in Overwatch history" when the team batted rampaging omnics fought London.

The royal uprising took place seven years before today's Overwatch, when an extremist group of omnics called the Null Sector launched an uprising in an upscale district of London. Losses and destruction went high before the Overwatch team – before its dissolution – was involved. When it was finally over, the whole thing was buried deep in Overwatch archives.

We thought that the uprising shortly after the release was "the best case for an Overwatch campaign " because "it's a story that's really important … we hear Soldier: 76 Before he lost everything and is reminded that Reaper was not just a good guy at a certain point in time, but a rank above Morrison, he is so much action and gameplay in the world that was passive up to that point. "[19659004] Unfortunately, there are still no signs of this, but Blizzard said the event will reveal stories and secrets from the past, though it's nothing new or just a remake of what we've learned last time. However, the event will feature more than 100 loot box items, and a co-op brawl will tell the story of Tracer's first mission.

We will let you know more if we know more. Until then, you can get an idea of ​​what will appear in the following trailer for King's Row Uprising Origin Story.

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