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Packers' 2018 season is over after an unthinkable 20-17 defeat against hapless Cardinals

Time of death in Green Bay Packers season 2018: 15:13 Central Time. Mason Crosby's 49-yard Field Field to crack the game, sailed far right and the Packers fell on a hopeless team of Arizona Cardinals (20-17). If Mike McCarthy does not hold the press conference on Monday, nobody would be watching the decision of President Mark Murphy.

At this time of the season nobody should be surprised that the Packers look like a 4-6-1 team. With their season on the line facing the worst team in football, the fans and media were expecting a spark, some juice and maybe even a galvanizing moment. What they saw on a snowy December Sunday in Lambeau was even worse than the previous disappointments when the Cardinals won Green Bay for the first time since 1


What happened around the league this week was maybe 5-6-1. It's all that matters, but nothing Green Bay put on the field looked like a team capable of being late to go to the season.

Third defeats held back this offense again, as the passing game had no rhythm or continuity. Drops shut down rides. The fight between Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams has resurfaced. Aaron Rodgers missed throws, which he makes in his sleep. Mike McCarthy continued to prioritize down-the-field shooting games as he provided easy options for his quarterback and young receivers.

Despite Green Bay's countless battles this year, competitors installed the home team as two touchdown favorites. This is more an indication of how bad the cardinals have been than anything else. The Packers never looked like a heavy favorite and left Arizona in a game that theoretically had no business.

Not against a team that's 16: 1 in December under Aaron Rodgers. After Thanksgiving, warm weather teams go to Lambeau Field to die, but the Packers were unable to kill

A draw at Packers' opening draw was a harbinger of things to come in the event of this misdemeanor. It was another McCarthy task that certainly did not train like a man who believes his job is online.

The really aggressive attack by Coach Mac came in squares 4 and 4 from the 13-yard line. Rodgers threw Davante Adams a nice throw that made a touch-toe catch for the touchdown to open the scores for the day. It could have been a turning point to bring this team forward. Instead, the Packers defense gave an answer from the worst offense in football.

An eleven-time, 75-meter journey ended when the Cardinals actually scored twice their equalizer. They had to beat him a second time after the first had been overturned in the review.

The Packers defense made Chase Edmonds look like a first-rate David Johnson, instead of a rookie from Fordham, when he became the first Ram to score an NFL touch since Ronald Reagan was in office. He finished five stretcher for 53 yards and two touchdowns. On that day, Arizona had big games from its run game in several places, including Christian Kirk's Chunk Runs and ** Suck ** Josh Rosen, with 182 yards and an average of 6.2 per transport.

Philip Rivers and the Chargers slashed this Cardinals defense for 28 points in the second quarter, at a time when Arizona was superior between 108 and 27 this season. Rodgers and Co. made just 10 points, a field goal came at the end of the first half.

The worst third quarter violation in the league? No problem for Josh Rosen, whose 33-yard scramble put the Cardinals in the points position, and Walter Payton . Chase Edmonds ended the deal again with an 8-yard touchdown. Suddenly the Packers saw a team late in the third quarter to destroy them at 17-10.

An incredibly ugly game hampered Rodgers record time as he broke Bart Starr's record of 298 passes without listening. On the other hand, Rodgers rarely played as if he had earned the veneration of open receivers all day, including several potentially great plays.

The double MVP finally showed up late in the fourth quarter. With faster throws and a decent balance with Jamaal Williams, Rodgers led the Packers on a 95-yard journey to give Green Bay its own equalizer. The crucial game took place on a 2nd and 7th of the Arizona 27, where Rodgers danced, climbed and looked down for five minutes before finding Adams, who had an incredible swipe in the 10th. Aaron Jones plunged into the very next game as Rodgers snapped the Cardinals.

The game could have been sealed with a gift of roses that Eddie Pleasant's new safety fell flat. Two pieces later, Rosen Larry Fitzgerald discovered with a coverage of 32 meters in 3rd and 23rd place. Passing a Jaire Alexander pass on Fitz forced the Cardinals to settle for a field trial that Zane Gonzalez brought off balance after 44 meters.

That gave Rodgers a chance to save the Packers season at 1:41, and he almost made it. The Packers built a quarter-final on their way to the Cardinals area thanks to Graham's inclination to lead the team with eight catches that day. A subdued ball from Rodgers to Cobb at the Cardinals 40 prevented the newly-returned Slotman from running after the catch to give Crosby a better shot.

An end area shot by Rodgers was begging, and Crosby was forced to work overtime. He came up short again and left the Packers after another enigmatic, unexplained season another question.

The first question is, "How did everything go wrong for a talented Packers team?" Second, how long before changes are made? Mike McCarthy's job fate probably did not change Sunday, as his place had already gone up in flames. How long does he have to sit in there?

And how does Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst ensure that 2019 will be different? It was another year wasted with Aaron Rodgers. He will be the first to tell you that he has not played his best season. Green Bay needs to find a way to change that. In a year of historical results, this team is in trouble even with the best quarterback in the world. Is Rodgers deserving this title after the season he's in, even though he's injured? This is just another question for this franchise, which, after the most disappointing season, is the recent memory of the Packers.

Especially on a day when everything else fit with his playoff hopes for Green Bay, this type of oviposition is even more embarrassing. it was really an institutional failure. Rather than wondering who the Packers want to face in the postseason, they answer questions like, "How long does Mike McCarthy have a job?" And "When do we start with DeShone Kizer and all the little kids?" ] A home defeat against the worst team in football will do that.

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