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Packers QB-Trainer: Aaron Rodgers wants to be trained

Aaron Rodgers' relationship with Mike McCarthy became a topic of conversation at the end of the 13-year run, as stories from former players filtered that Rodgers mocked McCarthy's calls and changed some tunes.

The dichotomy raised questions as to whether the All-World Pigslayer would be well suited for coaching or whether he would rather be the top voice in the offensive room.

Packers' new quarterback coach Luke Getsy has left no doubt that Rodgers wants him knocked.

"Absolutely, I have no question," Getsy said Monday about Rob Demovsky of ESPN. "I think he's as big as a competitor like he's ever been, he wants to win more than anyone, I think whatever you want to call coaching, I think it delivers the message and is consistent and blaming people for this message, and he wants it just like everyone else. "

Getsy was previously a Packer Employee (2014-2017) for four years as an insulting quality control assistant and recipient trainer. After a season as offensive coordinator of the US state of Mississippi, he returned to Green Bay to work with Rodgers.

New coach Matt LaFleur said on Monday he added that a coach familiar with the 35-year-old Rodgers was not a requirement for the QB coach's position, but noted that he's using Rodgers over Getsy spoke.

"It did not have to be a guy who necessarily worked with Aaron," LaFleur said. "Sure, we'll find the best quarterback coach there is.Some of the things I really liked about Luke was that he played in the college quarterback, so I did not just talk to Aaron, but one He's been to the building once, just to find out what they think of him as a man and as a coach, and everyone gave him a thumbs up. "

With LaFleur games, the coach is the first time he has spend a lot of time with Rodgers to work hand in hand.

"We have three quarterback guys who will meet him from all angles," said LaFleur. "No, I'm doing a part, I know I have to be in this room, especially as best I can because I'm the Play Caller, and I think that relationship between the Play Caller and the Quarterback is absolutely critical So I'll be there as much as possible, I can not imagine missing a quarterback meeting. "

The Packers hired the young LaFleur to push Rodgers out of his comfort zone and make a more creative offense than the one of McCarthy hired to commit. The trio of LaFleur, OC Nathaniel Hackett and Getsy want to do just that.

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