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Palestinian state parliament: Israel places 100 snipers on the border with Gaza before expected protests

Israel's military has stationed more than 100 snipers on the Gaza Strip border in anticipation of planned Palestinian mass protests, the country's top general said in an interview.

The organizers said they expect thousands in Gaza, including entire families, to respond to the call for protests on Friday symbolically with what the Palestinians call "Land Day".

Large crowds are expected to camp in tent cities in five locations along the sensitive border in a six-week protest for the "right of return" of Palestinian refugees to what is now Israel.

Citing security concerns, the Israeli military is enforcing a "no-go" zone for Palestinians ashore in Gaza adjacent to the Israeli border fence.

Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot, the chief of staff of the military, said daily Yedioth Ahronoth that the military would not allow "mass infiltration" during the protests or tolerate damage to the barrier.

"We have more than 1

00 snipers stationed by all units of the military, mainly the special forces," Mr. Eizenkot said in an interview.

"When life is in danger, there is permission to open the fire."

Israeli soldiers face frequent violent Palestinian protests along the Gaza border, using tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition against military protesters

The demonstration began symbolically with the "Diet" of the six Israeli citizens killed in 1976 by Israeli security forces during land confiscation demonstrations.

It coincides with the one-week Jewish holiday Passover as Israel increases its security.

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<p>  A man hangs a Palestinian flag amidst a collection of tents near the border with Israel, in the southern Gaza Strip (REUTERS / <span class= Ibrahim Abu Mustafa)

The protest is due to end on May 15, the day Palestinians call the "Nakba" or "catastrophe" that marks the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the conflict over the founding of Israel in 1948.

The organizers said the protest was supported by several Palestinian factions, including the dominant Islamist Hamas movement in Gaza, which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel

  gaza.jpg "title =" gaza.jpg "/> [19659017] A man hangs a Palestinian flag on an electric pole (REUTERS / <span class= Ibrahim Abu Mustafa)

Israeli cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi, who spoke on Israel Radio, said Hamas was direct Fraud avoided conflict with Israel since the end of the Gaza War in 2014.

But he said the pressure Hamas felt now because Israel was destroying part of its network of attack tunnels near the border, coupled with harsh economic conditions In preparation for mass protests on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Palestinian youth are preparing a tent ( 19659020] gaza4.jpg ". [EPA/MOHAMMED Saber )

The Palestinians have long demanded that up to five million of their compatriots receive the right to return.

Israel excludes this and fears an influx of Arabs that would eliminate its Jewish majority. 19659002] It is argued that the refugees should be resettled in a future state that the Palestinians seek in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Additional reporting from Reuters

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