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Panera Bread worker fired after Mac and cheese secret exposed

(CNN) – Not many people can say they were fired for Mac and cheese – but when a young employee gave too much information about one of Panera Bread's favorite dishes, it cost her her job.

As Panera Bread says, "Eat as it should," it should be frozen.

An employee who posted a video showing how to make the chain's popular Mac and cheese has been declared incapacitated.

The cat is fancy from the bag or at least from the mac and cheese.

Some compared it to glorified hospital dinners or even ready-to-eat military courts.

When the employee noticed that she was in quite a mess, she put her best foot forward.

"That does not mean that you are not good. I will eat our Mac and cheese until today.

The next video she cried about her Mac and cheese.

"I like my job. I really do not try to get fired. I'm so sorry.

She was fired.

Note the nail shown in the video.

Technically, she was fired because "the absence of such long nails and my phone poses a risk to food safety."

Panera Bread did not respond to staffing questions, but affirmed, "Mac and cheese are made off-site with our own recipe, delivered frozen to our bakery cafes, so we can avoid the use of certain preservatives that are not up to our clean standards

Many still wonder what matters.

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