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Parents gather in Medford to fight the Oregon vaccine regimen

Parents from Ashland and Eagle Point rallied on Saturday at Pear Blossom Park in Medford to show their opposition to a vaccine law through legislation in Oregon.

Organizers made speeches, The parents signed a petition to the legislature and then marched through the streets of the city center with homemade signs.

Under state law, all children in public and private schools, preschools, head start and certified childcare facilities must have their vaccinations up to date or have an exemption.

If the state budget law of Oregon were passed in 3063, Oregon's non-medical vaccination exemptions would be terminated for visiting public and private schools.

Last year, a total of 4,349 children were excluded from Oregon school or child care until the necessary vaccination information was forwarded to schools or childcare facilities.

For the 201

7-2018 school year, Jackson and Josephine Counties were the second and third least vaccinated circles for nationwide K-12 education, both at rates of 89%.

Anna Waters came with her husband and two little boys from Eagle Point to gather with homemade signs.

The medical decision for the family and our children dictates too far, "said Waters.

Medford, the mother of two children, said her son was on the autism spectrum, and her 7-year-old daughter, Riley, had since Childhood no vaccine and Miller believes she's healthier by doing so.

"Where there are risks, there must be a choice about how medicine works and how the world works," Miller said.

Miller believes that it is wrong when the state makes the decision for her and she meets family.

"This bill makes us the choice. We live in America. This should be the land of the free, the land of choice, "Miller said.

According to Jackson County, the community has a full culling rate of 93 percent, but there were" pockets "in the community where that number was much lower than

According to Jackson County Health Officer Jim Shames, the trend continues. So many believe the vaccines are safe.

"From a medical perspective, vaccines are probably the most effective and effective public health intervention ever," said Shames

A list of currently approved exceptions can be found on the website of the Center for Disease Control.

HB 3063 arrives after the recent outbreak of measles in northern Oregon and south Washington, where dozens of people become ill [retired physician, author and filmmaker Dr. Rick Kirchner] spoke at the Medford rally and said a handful of measles cases were reported.

a fake crisis.

"There is no crisis, there is no epidemic Public health measures are obviously working," said Kirschner.

Kirschner said he had been infected with his siblings and the whole school grade of his school when he was a child.

"We loved it I could stay home from school and read comics," Kirschner said. "The only winners of this bill are the medical distribution system for the pharmaceutical industry."

Kirschner said the requirement to keep children out of school excludes healthy children from education.

"That's immoral." Said Kirschner. "We do not create separated minorities because of their vaccination status – these are children in health care."

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