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Parents of toddlers who crashed from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship have "unfathomable" grief

A toddler's family who died in Puerto Rico earlier this month told TODAY, in an exclusive interview, that the cruise line's safety oversight has "killed our child."

"We obviously blame them for not having a safer situation on the 11th floor of this cruise ship, there are a million things that could be done to make them safer, and I know that my mother asked people," Why on earth is there a window open on the 11th floor, with no screen or anything like that? "" We need ventilation, "Chloe Wiegand's mother, Kimberly Wiegand, told Savannah Guthrie, Well, I would say," Get it Become a fan. Consider another mechanism to make your guests feel better, instead of creating a huge security risk that will cost our child their lives. & # 39;

The family is now seeking to bring the company to justice.

"I think that must be," Wiegand said. "That can not happen to any other family."

"There is no doubt that this was an accident," said the family lawyer. Mike Winkleman said, "Really the singular question is, were there any security measures that could and should be in place?" If they were present again, there would have been no tragedy. "

Chloe Wiegand was 18 months old earlier this month fell to his death on a cruise window. Courtesy of Kim and Alan Wiegand [19659009] Royal Caribbean responded TODAY with a statement.

"We are deeply saddened by this incident and our hearts go to the family, we have assisted the authorities in San Juan in their investigations, and they are the appropriate persons to answer further questions."

The Ministry of Justice From Puerto Rico, NBC News said the investigation was at an advanced stage so it could not make any further inquiries.

18-month-old Chloe died on July 7, after falling through an open window on the 11th floor of the Freedom of the Seas cruise ship docked in San Juan.

Kimberly Wiegand remembered the terrible moment when she found out what had happened.

"I did not know she was going out a window," she said. "And I kept saying, 'Take me to my baby, where is my baby?' I did not even notice a window, I ran there and looked there and there was no water down there, it was concrete, our baby Losing in this way is simply unfathomable. "

Kimberly was doing the interview of her husband Alan. The couple from South Bend, Indiana, talked about their memories of the little girl.

"I just know that she was destined to do such great things," said Kimberly. "But even in her short life, I truly believe that she has changed so many lives."

Her parents remembered her as a kind and loving spirit that could make anyone smile. Courtesy of Kim and Alan Wiegand

Kimberly said her daughter loved watching her brother play hockey and helping her garden.

"She could make anyone smile," she said. "Her first word was" hello. "I mean, she loved people."

The family said the accident happened after Chloe's grandfather put her on a railing he thought was behind a glass wall. They said her grandfather often did the same to her when they played hockey games and had them hit the glass.

"He was extremely hysterical," said Kimberly. I thought there was glass. & # 39; He will cry over and over and over. Sam has never put our children in danger at any time.

"(Er) very, very disturbed, you can hardly look at him without him crying, she was his best friend."

Her family has been struggling with their own pain from their loss.

"There was a point where my son said:" Mama, I wish I had stood there because I jumped and I would have saved her, "said Kimberly. "That tore me up, because I know he believes that, and knowing he lives with it is just so hard."

The Wiegands will always hold their little girl in their hearts.

"We will never forget her," said Alan. "She is a part of our soul that is no longer there. "

" It's really easy to shut the world off and give it up, but we will not do that because that's not who Chloe was. "Said Kimberly." Chloe was the light, and that will get us through every day. We have to continue for her. We can not give up. "

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