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Paris Jackson reflects on the last moments with grandfather Joe Jackson

Paris Jackson paid tribute to Joe Jackson on Wednesday, calling her grandfather "one of the greatest patriarchs ever to live".

She posted a picture on Instagram where he held his hand, as well as photos of him earlier in his career a heartfelt headline. "RIP The HAWK, Joseph Jackson, spending the last few moments with you was everything," she wrote.

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, praised her grandfather's legacy and wrote: "Proud of you, proud to be your children, grandson and great-grandchild, proud to have your strength and share the dynasty, that you've created all your life, and proud to be a Jackson, you're the first true Jackson, the legend that started it all, none of us would be anywhere near where we are without you.

She continued, "Your life will go down in history, and you will also be known as one of the greatest patriarchs ever to live.

She also described her last moments and recalled advice he had given her and stories he told her about her father.

"My heart is full to know that we have gone each other this way. I promised you that you would visit me. You have agreed and I will hold you to it. And I promised you that we will tell your story again and again. Never to be forgotten. My great-grandchildren will know who Joseph Jackson is, "she said.

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