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Parliament agrees to withhold approval of the Brexit deal and postpones Boris Johnson's moment of settlement

● Protesters against the Brexit march through the streets of London.

LONDON – British lawmakers voted on Saturday to hold back support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal. but he did not give a fatal blow to the readmission agreement negotiated in Brussels.

The successful amendment by Conservative party leader Oliver Letwin should intimidate Johnson ̵

1; therefore he can only force Britain to leave the European Union if the legislature has done so and considered passing all the necessary laws for a proper exit.

Johnson's allies described it as a treacherous attempt by a disobedient parliament to resist the will of the people and curtail the path of Brexit.

The vote was close: 322 for and 306 against.

It was an anti-climatic conclusion for a day when lawmakers gathered in the Falkland Islands for the first time in 37 years since Britain fought.

Johnson reacted to the parliamentary crackdown with emphatic finger pressure. The Prime Minister insisted, "I am not disheartened or dismayed by this particular result." He vowed to "not negotiate" a delay with the E.U. – which does not mean that he will not ask for it.

Johnson warned the House of Commons that "further delay would be bad for this country, for our European Union and for democracy." The minister said he would seek approval for his Brexit deal next week.

Last month's law, if a deal is not approved by 11:00 pm Local time on October 19: Johnson must officially seek an extension of three months beyond October 31st to qualify for the 2020 exit.

How – or when or whether – Johnson requested a delay is now an unanswered question.

Opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said he hoped Johnson did not believe he was above the law and warned that the prime minister would be in court if he did not send a letter requesting it an extension.

Jo Libertarian Liberal Democrat Libertarian Leader Brexit said: "The most urgent thing now is for the Prime Minister to comply with the law." Conversations, but almost certain to agree to an extension. Even before, most of the E.U. Political leaders found it impossible to fix all parts of the split by the end of October. And although they can not tentatively offer a delay – the request must come from the British leader – such a move would press for an unlocked door.

The European leaders would likely soon offer to press the Brexit Pause button. Although they have not decided yet if they need to meet in person.

In his remarks on Saturday, Johnson emphasized that the Brexit debate he had initiated as chairman of the referendum campaign in 2016 demanded a tribute.

"Friendships were strained, families divided and the attention of this house consumed by a single question that sometimes felt intractable," he said.

The Prime Minister called his deal "a new and better way forward" for Britain and Europe.

The British leader has to receive 320 votes in parliament to pass his Brexit agreement, and pay jacks on Saturday morning said it was closed tight to call, but they could see ways for him to gain the support he needs.

Thousands of protesters poured from Brexit to London to emphasize that the country is still deeply divided, calling for a second Referendum.

Saira Ramadan, 36, a lawyer, said that "this is our last real opportunity to make our voices heard as publicly as possible and in large numbers."

To the assertion that humans Brexit exhausted, it was pointed out, "It would be disingenuous of me to say that there is no feeling of Brexit fatigue … but that does not mean that this is one Reason for those of us who feel strong enough to lay it down and give it up because we want it to be done. "

Surveys have shown over a year that the British would opt to remain in the EU when they vote nationwide

YouGov reported that 30 percent of the British support Johnson's deal, 17 percent want to get out without a deal to make the transition, and 38% want to stay in the EU, with the last 15% uncertain.

Johnson slammed back a second referendum and urged lawmakers to get Britain out by the end of October, as he has often promised, "do or die".

At the bottom of the chamber, Johnson said Britain has long had a divided heart over Europe. It is skeptical, dubious and half-hearted of the major European projects, of further integration, of more continentalism, of a Europe-wide defense pact, of a single economic policy.

"We are skeptical of European integration," he said, "but passionate about Europe."

Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party of the Opposition, said legislators should reject Johnson's deal.

"I also understand the frustration and fatigue throughout the country and in this house," said Corbyn. "But we just can not vote for a deal worse than the one Parliament rejected three times."

A challenge for the Prime Minister: There was little time to question the Brexit deal that Johnson agreed with the EU he might like.

Even some friendly legislators supporting Brexit have complained that they want to read the government's economic analysis on the cost of Johnson's deal before voting on it.

"His strategy has been the same strategy as Theresa May," said Simon Usherwood, a professor of politics at the University of Surrey. "Make a deal and then hop, hop, hop right through the deal. Before you know it, you have agreed on something and do not worry about the details. "

May submitted her revocation agreement to Parliament three times – and she was rejected three times.

On Saturday, now as banker May got up to talk in the chamber, and confessed a feeling of Deja Vu. But she offered Johnson full support. If the parliament does not support the deal, May said: "It is to blame for the most outrageous fraud of the British people."

Her voice rises with passion. May said, "If you do not want a deal, you are." have to vote for a deal. Businesses cry for security. People want security in their lives. "

Johnson, who has committed himself under the motto" Brexit Done ", could decide on another factor:" Brexhaustion ". In the sign of the times, Sky News on Friday launched its own news channel without Brexit, in the hope that there will be a market for people who want a break from Brexit, but not the news.

Johnson's new Brexit deal offers a distant relationship with the EU as the agreement of his predecessor. His plan, however, is for Northern Ireland to remain largely aligned with the EU, even if it leaves the bloc with the rest of the UK.

The Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland said the deal was not in the "long-term interest of the province" It is expected that its 10 legislators will vote against the deal on Saturday.

"It was once said that no British Prime Minister could ever agree to such conditions," DDP legislator Nigel Dodds said in parliament. "Will he stick to it now and reconsider the fact that we must go together as a nation?"

John Major and Tony Blair said in videos released for the referendum campaign that Johnson's deal could jeopardize peace in Northern Ireland. The two former prime ministers, both for a "whereabouts" in the E.U. The referendum played an important role in the Good Friday Agreement, the agreement that helped bring peace to Northern Ireland after decades of sectarian violence.

"It is a shame and an outrage that Northern Ireland frankly is treated as an available discomfort," said Blair.

In the last 48 hours much has been rolled and traded and the arm twisted. It is difficult to know which methods of persuasion, if any, were used to gain support. There was speculation that Johnson might provide a way into the past for the 21 legislators he had expelled from his party last month if they were to vote for his agreement.

He also made new commitments to protect workers' rights on Friday evening. An attempt to recruit more lawmakers to work, particularly those who are either Brexit or who represent constituencies supported by a Brexit.

Labor Corbyn called these pledges "empty promises" A Trump trade agreement that forces Britain to deviate from the highest standards and re-confront our families with chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef.

In a statement in the Guardian newspaper, Melanie Onn, a Labor legislature from Grimsby, a pro-Brexit city populated by "Labor's departures," wrote to her colleagues "to take advantage of this unique opportunity to help us further. "

finger is too great, "she wrote in an article written by a legislator from the Conservative Party.

Johnson also hopes to sideline his party's 28 hardened Brexitters, who had previously resisted a Brexit deal. This group announced on Saturday morning that they had advised their members to vote for Johnson's consent.

Andrea Jenkyns, a conservative legislator who had never once voted for the May deal, tweeted "After considering, I've decided to support the @BorisJohnson deal. Of course, I would prefer no-deal, but I think we're really in danger of losing Brexit with the Remain baubles, and the stakes are currently dangerously high. "

Michael Birnbaum in Brussels contributed to this report.

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