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Partly sunny, warm and humid (8/11/18)

12th August 2018 day planner.

Torrance's forecast: – Hello everybody, this is the SkyTracker meteorologist Torrance Gaucher with your prediction from SkyTracker Weather Center. From sunshine to rising clouds in the afternoon, it was a good day for much of the region. Semi-quiet weather will continue for the coming days with an insulated shower or two. But no washouts to worry about. Then, early to mid of next week, we look at daily rain probabilities or a light thunderstorm. We still need more rain, so much from West Vermont, and northern New York is under a temperate drought.

Wind up the rest of your Saturday with a mix of clouds north, with occasional rain south. A few small showers will drift north into the night hours, so be prepared for one or two insulated showers. Otherwise we are partly cloudy, warm and humid. From Saturday night to Sunday morning, the morning lows are in the upper 50s and lower 60s. Couples with identical dew points will also start the day. Sunday begins with sunshine over New York's North Country and much of the northern half of the Champlain Valley. Cloudy yet dry in the center of Vermont. But we will still see wetlands in southern Vermont and New Hampshire to start the day. These showers will dissipate until late in the morning, though the clouds will continue to turn northwest. A stray afternoon shower is not excluded, although it will be a dry afternoon in the first place. We will stay warm in the mid-60s (seasonal) with dew points, making it a soupy afternoon.

Sunday night until Monday morning it will be mostly dry, although an insulated shower can not be ruled out, along with areas of morning mist. Warm and sultry again with lows that reach only the lower and middle sixties. Most of the Monday will be very similar to Sunday. Highs reach the lower and middle 80s with higher humidity. Our active weather will arrive on Tuesday as a top-level disruption will send waves of energy (weak fronts) passing through northern New England. This gives us daily chances for rain and a not heavy thunderstorm. Temperatures will remain constant in the low and mid 80's. Unfortunately, there will be no break from this pattern until the end of next week.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, one or two scattered showers (especially south of VT & Upper Valley). Then the morning mist can be thick in protected valleys. Low, upper 50s and lower 60s. Wind: Light & Variable

Sunday: Some sunshine northwest and clouds / chill southeast. Otherwise a partly sunny afternoon with a few small showers. High, low to mid-80s and humid. Wind: Southeast 5-8mph

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy, one or two isolated showers, then spotty fog. Low, lower and middle sixties. Wind: Light & Variable

Monday: Partly sunny, an afternoon shower or thunderstorm possible, otherwise dry. High, low and mid-80s. Wind: South 5-8mph

Tuesday: Partly mostly cloudy, occasional rain or light thunderstorm. High, low and mid-80s

Good night!
-SkyTracker meteorologist Torrance Gaucher

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