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Pat Shurmur had everything to do with Odell Beckham Jr.; says the best ball from Jabrill Peppers is ahead

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Giants coach Pat Shurmur said Wednesday he traded Odell Beckham Jr. for the Browns and praised Jabrill Pepper's new safety.

"Absolutely," Shurmur told The New York Post Wednesday, aboard the Beckham trade in his first public comments on this. "Everything we do behind the scenes, coaching and roster, is collaborative."

Paul Schwartz of the post office picked up Brown's former coach at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center of the State of Ohio, where he watched quarterback Dwayne Haskins and other Buckeyes train on their Pro Day. After a turbulent season, Beckham was exchanged for Browns for the 1

7th overall, Peppers and the # 95 overall.

"My reaction is always the case with trades, it is good for both parties." Shurmur said. "We feel good about what we got. We have a starting security, we got a first lap and we got our third lap. We felt it was good for us, and because we were able to reach an agreement, Cleveland thought it was good.

He declined to comment on Beckham's misfortune in New York.

"That's a better question for him," he said. "I enjoyed getting to know him, I enjoyed training him, and that's just the sport thing. This is the business time of the year and this happens to every team. No team starts the season exactly the same. "19659002" As for Peppers, Shurmur studied how he came from Michigan in 2017, when the Browns finally made him number 25 in the standings.

"I like him as he competitor, he can play low, he can play high, he gives kicks and punches, "Shurmur said," In my eyes, he's a footballer, I definitely like him, he's a young player, I think his best football is in front of him, he's already shown us some things that he can do for us. "

The clubs have retired from the previous deal with Kevin Zeitler for Olivier Vernon for a blockbuster transaction in the Beckham deal.

"In terms of Odell and even OV, it was business," Shurmur said, "I personally know everyone I've ever worked with and I wish him the best when he leaves, I'm hopefully OV and Odell can go to Cleveland, make a difference and help her team win games, that's where it is. ''

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