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Patricia Heaton talks about technology, casting and Carol's second act

Patricia Heaton has been on our television screens for 30 years, since her role in Thirtysomething . Her comedies Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle each ran for nine years and she is about to release a new show Carol's second act . Heaton plays Carol, a woman who begins her medical career in the 1950s and begins her internship in recently completed medical degrees.

  Patricia Heaton on Carol's second act
Patricia Heaton and Carol Mansell on Carol's second act t | Sonya Flemming / CBS

Heaton has been in the business for a long time, telling stories of television criticism. Some were personal about their relationship to technology. Some wanted to survive horrible casting sessions and become the marquee star of a sitcom. Carol's second act premiered on Thursday, September 26, at 9:30 pm in CBS.

Patricia Heaton was before

At The Middle and All love Raymond there were children, but Patricia Heaton had cohorts among her comrades. In Carol's second act and in real life, Heaton is used to being one of the older adults in the room.

  Carol's second act
L to R: Ito Aghayere, Patricia Heaton, Sabrina Jalees, Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Lucas Neff Sonja Flemming / CBS

"I just visited Amazon, the big headquarters they have, "Heaton said. "I walked down a hall, and everything is open in the conference rooms. You can see, and everyone was in their twenties, and everyone was on a laptop. Then a whole group of them came down the hall and it was the same. My husband and I just had the question, "How did they let us in here? We should get out of here. "Actually it was like on another planet. Patricia Heaton loves new technologies. Patricia Heaton adapts to all new technologies, and some of them help her dramatically.

"Satellite navigation is the best," said Heaton. "If you remember Thomas Guides and you knew how to turn pages around and plan, I have a terrible sense of direction, and before all this technology, life was hard. The GPS is just oh god, I'm so happy to be alive now. That's why I usually see it as positive.

Patricia Heaton on Carol's second act | Sonja Flemming / CBS

If there is a device that Heaton can not use, she calls her younger family members.

"The reason you have children is that they can only keep you up to date," said Heaton. "They can fix their computers, and they do things for you, and they tell you how to use Venmo, and they're just great."

How Patricia Heaton overcame Hollywood's casting prejudices

With several hit shows under her belt, it's clear everyone was wrong who Patricia Heaton did not occupy at the time.

"Actually, very early when I auditioned and read for a movie when I came here, when I actually came out looked pretty and was younger, a casting director told me:" Let me be honest with you be. We are looking for a very attractive actress for this part. "Luckily, I found myself in a place in my life where I had renounced the need to be an actor. So to speak, I was able to look at it and say, "Wow, it's amazing that you feel good when you say that right in my face." I mean, I did not say that. That's what I thought. And that was a woman, right?

Patricia Heaton, Panel of the Television Critics Association, 01.08.1919

Such setbacks brought Heaton to later successes.

  Patricia Heaton
Patricia Heaton Francis Specker / CBS

"It's just life, man," said Heaton. "Look, we all miss the glory of God. Let's say it like this. So you will meet people who are insecure and whose insecurity is bothering you. You just have to admit that this happens, not personally, and you try to continue with grace and compassion.

Now she's the only person who comes to Carol's second act to see

Ray Romano was the headliner star of Everybody Loves Raymond and also after the show's success, Patricia played Heaton with other powerhouse actors.

"I remember Raymond's many years as I watched Ray come out on the intro for the audience," Heaton said. "Then, with Kelsey Grammer, I made a short-lived show called Back to You and Kelsey would be the one to come out and welcome the audience."

L to R: Patricia Heaton, Ito Aghayere, Lucas Neff, Sabrina Jalees and Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Daniel | Sonja Flemming / CBS [194559004] The Middle did not film in public, so Carol's second act is Patricia Heaton's first chance to be the first star in front of an audience.

"It's a little embarrassing to say that being this person is exciting to do that," said Heaton. "We really try to create something that everyone really wants to love, and we want them to laugh and feel good about life and humanity. So it's fun to be the moderator for it. "

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