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Patrick Mahomes loves the proposed onside kick alternative

Has a proposed rule change that NFL owners could approve during their (virtual) league meeting on May 28th caught the eye of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

When asked about the proposed change to the onside kick alternative rules on Friday, head coach Andy Reid said he could see how the rule change could make the game more exciting – but he’s also an old man.

“I don’t know if it will happen or not,” he told reporters. “I know that the coaches of the special teams are not really big at it. It takes ̵

1; obviously – one of their elements away. It is also the kickoff – which has been examined here – and the kickoff is coming back.

“[Keeping] the integrity of the game … you like that part of it, ”Reid continued. “On the other hand, when it’s over, we have a man who can do fourths and fifteen. He would give us the opportunity. So I have mixed thoughts about it. As an old man, I would probably stick to the integrity of the game, as it is – but I could also see where the other part could be exciting. “

Across the league, most will remember Mahomes’ fourth and ninth pass to Tyreek Hill against the Baltimore Ravens in 2018, which has kept a playful ride alive – or more recently (and known) 2-3 jet chip wasp Play call for third and 15th place in the Super Bowl LIV, which triggered the Chiefs’ comeback from a 20:10 deficit in the fourth quarter to a 31:20 victory.

But as our Ethan Douglas found out at the end of December, success in games like this is simply routine for Mahomes. When Expected points added (EPA) Mahomes is calculated for all third and fourth down games of 18 yards or more from 2009 to 2019 and is superior to all others.

The purpose of the proposed rule is to give teams better options for a comeback, that is, reducing the likelihood of a non-exciting blowout. When the league changed the kickoff rules to reduce the risk of injury – which did exactly what they were supposed to do – the changes also made it almost impossible to stage a successful onside kick.

As is so often the case, the proposed change is usually rooted in a competing league. The AAF had a rule that gave the teams the ability to retain possession with a 4:12 game from their own 28-yard line – but just if it was at least 17 minutes behind or less than five minutes behind the game.

According to the rule change text published by the NFL on Thursday, the alternative kickoff option proposed by the NFL could be used at any Time; There is no language that says the team has to lag behind. The only limitation is that a team can only try twice in a game. There has been some confusion about this aspect of the proposed rule – like ours Pete Sweeney declared on Friday morning.

So with what we could call that Mahome’s clause, The proposed rule could be used in different ways. Assume that your team just scored – and was 14: 7 in the second quarter at 1:50. Your opponent has the kick-off in the second half, giving them the opportunity to score a quick goal before half-time and Bringing the ball into the second half is not attractive. If you have an elite quarterback Patrick Mahomes – or a game call that you think will surprise your opponent in a fourth and fifteenth situation – you could take the gamble … just as you chose this moment to give a surprising onside kick to attempt.

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